“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

We are delighted to have brought the FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop to Ballyhack National School.


We thank the Principal, Staff, The Board of Management and the Parents Association.


Ballyhack National School FunkyKids Club Show was staged in Campile Hall on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th April 2008.


We hope the children enjoyed the experience.


Here is a week by week breakdown of what the children have been learning.




We started in Ballyhack School on Wednesday 9th. This is a lovely school that overlooks the sea in the distance (we had lunch down at the harbor, it dosn,t get any better than that). Ballyhack School is doing 3 scenes so in this show we have pop-stars, puppet's, dolls on boxes, flowers and trees. The children and staff were brilliant and it was a very busy and lively 1st day. Every child participated in our introductory games and we had great fun. We then got to work with all the children learning the 1st song of their scene and starting their make and do on their costume. We enjoyed this because we are doing a scene with the children that has not been done for a while in The FunkyKids Club.

Older Children Are we going to be flowers ? Small children busy at work



We are settling in great with the children in Ballyhack School. All the children got to explore their imagination and acting skills on our happy and sad mats. It was great fun. We also practiced some of our speech techniques with tongue twisters. The children then went on to learn their 2nd song and dance routines. They then went on to continue with them cutting more shapes for their costumes. Everything is going well and to plan with the teachers giving great help and assistance.




The children and teachers are fantastic in this school and we are met with happy and enthusiastic children every week. All the classes have now gone on to learn their hardest song in the show (you start with the easy songs first). Next week all the children are starting the 1st major work with their costume and so the make and do will get a bit messy for the next few weeks but this is also a wonderful time as the children's imagination really kicks in. The teachers are doing a great job by practicing the songs in class and this is a great help. The smaller children had a visit from the cheeky "Polly pecker and the older children played the blind mans game. We are looking forward to next week.




We all had a very busy but exciting week in Ballyhack School this week. All the children started the 1st major part of their costume and as you can see below the children did a great job. All the children used great imagination and they were all left to come up with their own designs so no two costumes are the same. The boys in Ms. Foley's class came up with some good ideas for their tree costumes. We have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks but the children are progressing well. The children will be at their costumes next week also and we will be working with the keyboard next week instead of Cd's so this will be harder for the children.

Small chidrens t-shirt Older children creating away Boys working on their tree's



The half way mark and what a great week in Ballyhack School this week. The children are brilliant and they are learning and performing their songs so well. This is credit to the teachers and staff. The children have now completed their t-shirts and next week they go on to start their puppets. The children in the older class have now being given the opportunity to come up with a dance for their final song. They said they will work at it for the next few days and hopefully they will come up trumps as it would be great for the children to create and perform their own dance. The "flowers and tress" are doing a splendid job as they are learning the hardest songs in the show and our young "pop stars" are great also. We had a great sing song in the older class while we were doing our art and craft and Kristian sang a beautiful solo for us.

Older children's t-shirts Flowers t-shirts Pop star t-shirts



Another wonderful week in Ballyhack this week. All the children started their puppets today and their was great excitement. The children love making their puppets because they are allowed to make them how the wish. We had boy and girl puppets with all kinds of hairdos and costumes. The teachers are allowing the children to finish their puppets in class so this will give the children more time to complete them. The older children done a wonderful job of coming up with different dance routines for our finale song. We were very proud of the children the way they worked as a team and they used great imagination. Next week we will put the children different dance routines

together to complete the song. It was a beautiful day outside so Mrs McNamara allowed us and the children to have our workshop outside. It was great fun and most enjoyable to be able to take advantage of the lovely weather - thanks Mrs McNamara.

Start of puppets taking shape  Workshop outside



The weeks are flying by in Ballyhack National School. All the children are singing and dancing brilliantly. Mrs. Wickhams class finished their jeans and t-shirts, Miss Foley's class worked on the "petals" and "leaves" for their flower and tree costumes. Miss Foley also gave Denis 50 lines because he fell of a bench that he should not have been sitting on - so I better get writing. Mrs. McNamara's class were splendid as they willingly gave up their make and do time to finish their dance for "a star is born". The children created this dance themselves we only had to position the dance and organize it so credit is due to all the children involved. Next week we will finish our make and do so all the children's costumes will be complete. We then will be able to go on and take time out to do other things in the FunkyKids that the children will enjoy.



This week again the weather was perfect in Ballyhack so we were able to spend a lot of time outside with the children. The Junior and Senior Infants have all their make an do finished so after rehearsing their songs we went outside to play some games. 1st, 2nd and 3rd class got to finish their costumes with the boys going outside to gather moss, leaves, etc to add to their tree costume. 4th, 5th and 6th class got to have their whole work shop outside and they to got to complete their costume. The children's costumes are now complete and so next week we hope to be painting the scenes. All the classes performed in front of one another today also. This is a great exercise as we get to see how the children fare up to the challenge. They all did extremely well.

Boys looking for peices for their tree costume Finishing their costume Outside rehersing their songs



This week the children painted their scenes. As we had no space to work inside the job had to be done outside. We had great sunshine but there was still a good chill in the air. Despite this the children worked very well together and they all done a fantastic job on their scenes. Great teamwork was used by all and the end results are fantastic. You will all have to wait till the show to see the finished results. We are getting close to show time so next week all the classes will be rehearsing together so they will all get to see what the other classes have been doing.





This week we assembled all the children together for the 1st time so all the children got to see what the other children have done in the workshops. The children are now getting to see how the show will come together. The children are brilliant at supporting and helping one another and the rehearsal went very well. We then took time out with the children to perform some mimes with them and it was great fun. Two of the teachers have been nominated to perform a mime on the nights of the shows and hopefully they will see it through as it should be very funny. We are now on our Easter break and we will see everybody in two weeks time - enjoy the holidays folks!!!

puppets practice Denis performing 

The mad doctor Having a laugh



We had great fun in Ballyhack School today. The children all rehearsed together and after they finished we took time out to show them dances down through the ages. It was great fun and "Polly Pecker" joined in as well. The children were very excited to see Polly back in school. Next week we will attend the school for the last time as we move on to Campile hall for the final rehearsals after that. The children are brilliant and will put on a great show.



Today was our last day with the children in the school. The children are very well rehearsed at this stage and ready to take their show to stage. Today the children got fave painted and the older children face painted one another to unusual results. We had a wonderful time in this school and the principal and teachers were just fantastic. Next week is show time so from now on we are moving to Campile hall for the final rehearsal's - well done everybody.



We brought the children to reherse in Campile hall on Monday and tuesday evening. On Monday the rehersal only went o.k because the children were adjusting to the new surroundings and all the stage lights and equipment. We also had a bit of rearrangingf to do. Tuesday's rehersal however went much better and the children are settling in weel to the new surroundings. There is also great excitmnet from the children and they are looking formard to staging their show.



The children put on their show "Funky Spring Fever" for 2 nights on Wednesday and Thursday to a full audience  for both nights and boy what a show it was. The children sang and performed their hearts out and the audience loved it. It was a sight to behold. The shows were full of energy. There was also a guest appearance from "Polly Pecker" on the nights of the show and had both the audience and the children in the palm of his hand - litterly. On the 2nd night we presented the children with their  Certificate of Excellance and after a lot of hugs from children and handshakes from parents the FunkyKids in Ballyhack was all over. We were a very proud team indeed.

Preparing the stage for the show Excited children waiting to go on stgae The Puppets

Mrs. Mac and Ann doing their thing. Just befor show start Audience dancing to the birdie song.


We enjoyed our time in Ballyhack School. We had a wonderful time with the staff and children and we are very proud of how the children particapted and what they learned in The FunkyKids Club. The teachers also need to be thanked for their time and effort and for fully taking the FunkyKids Club on board.

Till we meet you all again in January 2010 - so long and thank you.


Denis and Olivia