“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

This public workshop in association with Borris National School Parents Association is now complete.


We thank the Parents Association, Borris National School and Borris Hall Committee for bringing the FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop to the children in the area.


The show was staged in Borris Community Hall on Sunday April 20th for two shows @ 3.00 and 7.00pm

A great days entertainment was had by all.


Here is a week by week breakdown of how the workshop progressed.


Week 1

We had a hectic start to the workshops as the children needed to be enrolled and the children were nervous and excited. However we got straight to work. After introducing ourselves and explaining to the children what they will be doing we then got the children to play imaginary games and also we gave them imaginary situations to act out for us. This gets to work on the children's self confidence straight away. All the children started learning their 1st song and dance routines and they also started cutting the 1st pieces for their costumes. All the children seemed to have enjoyed their 1st workshop. It was a brilliant start and we have very willing and co-operative children involved. We are looking forward to the next 10 weeks working with all these children. We will have photo's for you next week. Well done to all



The workshops are very lively and busy in Borris. We are grateful for the help that we are receiving from the Parents Association. The children are also very enthusiastic. We introduced our sad and happy mats to the children where they performed on them very well. We also done some "helping hands"  for the younger children with the help of one of the adults. Lets just say she got wet and we will say no more. All the children continued to cut their shapes for their costumes. Next week we are sending the young children's shapes home with them so the mama's and daddy's can help out and next week all the children will be starting the mouths and tongues for their puppets. We are going to make more effort from now on to get the children to settle down in the workshops as they are very enthusiastic. Hopefully you will see pictures next week.



We are now starting to settle down in Borris and the workshops are progressing well. All the children have now gone on and learned their 3rd song and they are making great progress. The children's preparation work for their costumes is now complete. Next week all the children are starting their t-shirts and this is when the children's creativeness will kick in. We had great fun with the older children playing the "blind" game and the younger children got to meet the cheeky "Polly pecker". We hope all the children are enjoying the FunkyKid experience and the Parents Association are a great help every week.




WE had a wonderful week with the children in Borris this week. The children are settling in great to the FunkyKids. The Small children are singing and dancing their hearts out and at the end of the workshop we got a few of the adults that came to collect the children to join in with the singing and dancing. It was a sight to behold and very entertaining for the children. The older children are also doing very well and they have started to learn their hardest song. All the children started their t-shirts today so they got to see why they spent 2 weeks of cutting shapes and what they were for. As you can see from the picture's great imagination was used. Some of the older children had their t-shirts well planned out before they started which was great to see. Next week the children will continue with their t-shirts and this will give the children a chance to complete them - well done to all and thanks to the Parents Association for being a great help every week.




It is hard to believe that we are now at the half way mark in Borris workshops. The children are fantastic and brilliant performers. The small children are singing the house down while with the older children we have never heard "punk rocker" sung and performed so well at this early stage in the workshops. The only problem we have is that the children are very wound up on us and we find we have to shout over them a lot. All the children have completed their t-shirts and they look fantastic and next week all the children will start their puppets. We also introduced the keyboards this week so the children are no longer performing to a cd. It is gearing up to been a fantastic show and hopefully we can get the children to settle down more from now on in the workshops. Thanks to the parents every week - they are a great help. Well done to all.

 Older childrens t-shirts Small children hard at work



We had a fantastic week with the Borris children this week. They are performing extremely well and everything is going according to plan. This week all the children started their puppets and great imagination was used. The children also brought in a lot of bits and pieces that they used on their puppets with great effect. For the 1st time a girl brought in real hair to use on her puppet and shared it willingly with other children which was great. The adults also helped the children to work on their puppets when they arrived to collect the children and it was great to see everyone working together.  Next week the children will be completing the last stage of their costume - where are the weeks going - and from then on we will be painting the scenes. The children are working hard and hopefully soon we will be able to get back to playing the games with the children.

Puppets taking shape  Hard at work on puppets



This week the children finished all their costumes. They are making great progress. The singing and dancing is also going very well. Next week the children will be painting the scenes for the show and this is usually a very enjoyable occasion. The children will have to work together in teams and we hope for the children to use paint on their hands to complete the project. Don't expect the children to come home to clean after next weeks workshop but they should have a lot of fun.



We had a great week in Borris this week. All the children painted their scenes in Borris this week and they done a great job. The 1st workshop the children filled the center star with imprints of their hands and then spent the rest of the workshop decorating the outside. The older children then went on and painted a big clown on their backdrop and they used their feet dipped in paint to create a border around the scene. These backdrops will be hung behind the children as they are performing on stage. They can only be painted by the children working together and as a team. The children completed the task with flying colours and the finished scenes are fantastic. Thanks to the parents that helped for the evening at such short notice.

 Younger children at work Start of clown

 Putting a foot in it A proud Bunch



This week after rehearsing their song and dances the children completed their costumes. The girls put the final touches to their t-shirts and the boys done their jeans and trousers. The children spared no imagination and the completed costumes are fantastic. We have everything from "robots" to "Micky mouse" decorated on costumes and the children did a fantastic job. Next week we are taking a break and when we return all the children will be meeting together from the 2 workshops for the 1st time to start rehearsing the running of the show.




This week all the children from both workshops rehearsed together for the 1st time. The children were very encouraging to each other which was great to see. This was the 1st real rehearsal of the show and the children got to see how they will be doing their puppets on stage. The children are performing very well. We were then able to take some time out with the children and we performed mimes for them. The funniest was "the laughing policeman" and the children will be performing this mime in the show. Two parents were nominated to perform a mime also in the show but we will have to wait and see will the parents see it through. It was a very enjoyable evening in Borris and next week the children will be experimenting with dances through time which is also great fun.




We had a great evening in Borris this week. The children all rehearsed their full show together and performed brilliantly. We then took time out to show the children dancing through the ages and they had great fun performing with us. "Polly Pecker" also made an appearance to the children that caused great excitement. Polly got the children to dance the "birdie song" with her and it was a great laugh. The highlight was watching the children dancing to "Galway Girl" and the "Sugababes". Next week we be our 2nd last rehearsal before the show.



We are now down to our final rehearsal's with the children in Borris. This evening again all the children rehearsed their full show and later we took time out with the help of the adults present to face paint the children. This is a useful exercise as it gives the adults a chance to learn to face paint the children as it will need to be done on the days of the show and it is also very enjoyable for the children. We are delighted with the way the workshops have progressed in Borris as they started out slightly difficult for us. The children are excellent and the help from the parents every week has been fantastic. The next rehearsal with the children will be on stage in front of lights etc so hopefully it will all go well. Well done to all.

Olivia in charge  Final rehersal

Happy face painted lot  Parents face painting



On Saturday the children all rehearsed on stage with all the light and sound equipment in place. The children were very excited and wound up for the occasion so on that basis the rehearsal did not go to well. However the children did perform a full rehearsal and everything went according to plan. All we can hope is that the children will be more prepared for their shows as a result of the rehearsal today.


The children arrived at the hall for the 1st of their shows and it is a sight to behold when you see the children arrive for the show in their costume. It is also great fun for the children as they get to see what the other children look like in costume as they would not have seen each other up until now. All hands were on deck from the parents helping out to get the children's face make up on and we were ready to go. The children did not let themselves down. They were just fantastic and full of energy. From the youngest to the oldest children they all performed wonderfully. For both shows the audience was great and fully participated in anything they were asked to do. Billy Canning did a great job performing with the children for A Laughing Policeman as did Eileen Joyce and Julie Murphy perform so well to.  After the end of the 2nd show we presented the children with their certificates of excellane and that brought an end to the FunkyKids Club in Borris.

getting the stage ready Taking Shape Children at their rehersal

Waiting to go on stage Wow - What a performance 

The great Finale

That concludes our time in Borris and we are extremely grateful for all the help from The Parents Association over the 10 week term for without whom it would not have been possible. The workshops were not the easiest sometimes because we wondered did the children learn what we hoped they would learn, however after reading the comments from the children and after seeing how well they performed for their shows we now know that it was a very successful workshop.


Thank you all - and we will see you all in Borris in Jan 2010.


Denis and Olivia