“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

We are delighted with the success of the FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop in Drumphea National School.


We thank the Principal, Staff, The Board of Management and the Parents Association.


The show is was staged in the school hall on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th April 2008


We hope the children enjoyed experience.


Here is a week by week breakdown of what the children learned.




We started on Drumphea National School 11/01/08. This is another fine school with brilliant teachers and children. We immediately got to work on the children's self confidence and they started learning their 1st song and dance routine. The children also started cutting the shapes that will form part of their costume. The older children are very friendly and outgoing and have the experience of their school Christmas show behind them which is making our job easier as they are full of confidence. It should be a wonderful 10 weeks and we are looking forward to working with everyone over the term.


We are of to a great start in Drumphea National School. All the children performed very well on our sad and happy mats with Ms. Ryan and Mrs Fitzgerald joining in. The children are doing an excellent job learning their 1st song and they all have now progressed on to their 2nd song. We had great fun with the boys that are trees in the show showing them their movements. The older children are a joy to work with and full of energy and have no problem whatsoever performing in front of one another. The small children went on to practice their animals and are doing a great job. Next week all the children are starting to work on their puppets. We hope to have pictures available for you to look at soon.



Everything is going to plan in Drumphea National School. All the children went on to learn their 3rd song and dance routines. The 3rd song in each of the workshops is the hardest for the children to learn so it will take time and effort. The teachers are doing a great job by bringing what the children learn in workshops into the classroom which is a great help. All the children have their preparation work done with their make and do so next week the children are starting the mammoth task of starting their actual costumes. We love this because this is where the children's creativeness kicks in.

 What do we cut now This is great fun The cheeky Polly Pecker




All the children started the 1st major part of their costumes today and as you can see from the pictures below all the children used great imagination. The small children are "pop stars" the middle classes are "flowers and trees" and the older children or young adults as they told us are "dolls and puppets". Next week the children will continue with their t-shirts and all the children will be singing to the keyboards and not to a cd which is that bit harder. "Polly Pecker" again escaped into the small children's classroom causing great excitement and eating some of the children's lunches. For the time being we will not be playing any games as their is a lot of work to be done for the next few weeks but it does look like the children will put on a fantastic show. The teachers are a great help and bringing some of the work into the class room and it makes all the difference and makes our job easier.

Pop starts t-shirts Older children's t-shirts Flowers and trees costumes



We are now at the half way mark in Drumphea School - where are the weeks going - and we are very proud of the children. They are working very hard and they have done brilliant work on all of their costumes. We have given the challenge to the older classes to work in teams and come up with a dance for their finale song. We can't wait to see the results. Next week the children are starting their puppets and the children enjoy this a lot because they are allowed to dress their puppets as they wish. All the children are learning their song and dance routines very well in particular Mrs.Fitzgerald's class as they are learning the hardest songs in the show. The children also got to perform in front of one another. This was difficult for them as it is still early stages in the workshop but a worthwhile exercise.

Older childre's creations  Look at the colour in these t-shirts



All the children started their puppets today. Their were eyes. hair, eyebrows, mustache's and all kinds of bits and pieces used to create their puppets. The children would spend endless time decorating their puppets so the teachers will let the children do more work on them in art class in school which will be a great help. Next week the children will be completing the final stages of their costumes and from then we will be painting the scenes. We are also working out now when the show will be staged so we should have details for you all shortly. The small children performed in front of the older children today to see what they are like in front of an audience and they all done extremely well. The older children have nearly finished their dance routine to "A star is Born" and they done extremely well putting their own movements together to the song. A few of the shy children are doing very well and altogether it looks like it is going to be a great show.

Do I put the eyes here ? These fellows looking up at you Hard at work on their puppets



We had a fantastic day in Drumphea School today. The children took time out to paint their scenes. All the children worked well as a team and they all created  masterpieces. The 3 workshops each painted their own scene and these will be hung at the back of the stage while the children are performing. The imagination and colours used are fantastic and the pictures below give you an idea of how they will look. The children also used their hands and feet by dipping them in paint to create an effect. Next week the children will be completing the last of the make and do on their costume. We are getting there.

 Junior and senior infants 

Mrs. Fitzgeralds class hard at work  Mr.Carneys class nearly finished



This week the children finished their costumes and what a brilliant job they done. Great imagination was used on all the costumes and together with the lights on stage the children should look fantastic. Next week all the children will be rehearsing together for the 1st time so all the children will get to see what the other children have been doing in the other workshops. From this they will get to see how the show is developing. We will also be taking time out to do some mime with the children and this is great fun.

Look at the detail Finishing the last of their costumes collection of t-shirts



This is our last week before we break for the Easter holidays. Today all the children came together for the 1st time to rehearse their show as one whole unit. All the children got to see what the other classes have being learning up till now. The rehearsal went well and after a break the children were able to take some time out to have fun with us. We performed mimes for the children and it was a great laugh. The children then performed "The Laughing Policeman" mime with us and the children will be performing this mime on the evenings of the show. It was a great fun filled morning and just the tonic going into our Easter break. See you all in 2 weeks time - enjoy the holidays.



We are now into our last rehearsal's in Drumphea school. It was the 1st day back to school for everyone and so it was hard for everyone to get started. The children again rehearsed their full show and after break again we were able to take time out and have some fun. The children danced through time such as "waltzing, the Charleston, the french can can" right up to modern dancing. Also "Polly Pecker" made a surprise appearance. It was great fun. Some of the children sang songs into the microphone for us as well and it was great to see their confidence. We are not back in the school until April 17th for another rehearsal with the show being staged the following week. Hopefully it will all come together in the end and that the teachers will continue to rehearse with the children in our absence.

dancing the french can can rehersing their puppetts Doinjg the birdie song with Polly Pecker



On Tuesday we arrived to set up the stage and all light and sound system for a full rehearsal with the children on Wednesday. The children did very well for the rehearsal but were obviously very excited and bewildered by it all so hopefully the shows will go well.


We had the 1st of our shows on Wednesday evening and the children performed brilliantly. It was a very busy evening with all the children arriving in costume for the 1st time and there was a lot of faces to be made up for the show. The children were also very excited and waiting to perform. The audience although they were hard to get to partake in the show enjoyed the children's performance and were great to show encouragement to the children. It was a great 1st night and hopefully the children will be able to keep up the pace for the 2nd show.

On Thursday the children put on their 2nd show and boy was it some evening. The children were in fantastic form and the audience was fantastic. The children performed their hearts out and the audience just loved it. Mr. Cearney and Ms. Ryan were excellent on stage and there was great participation from Patrick Foley for the "Laughing Policeman". After the show we presented the children with their FunkyKids Club Certificate of Excellence and it was a proud moment for us all.

The children in rehersal  

Getting ready to perform on stgae Small children singing their heart out Mr. Cearney's glass giving it loads


This concludes our 10 weeks in Drumphea National School and we are sad to see it finish. It was a memorable time for both of us and the participation and help from the staff and children was brilliant. We make a welcome return to this school in September so we  will see you all then.


God Bless


Denis and Olivia.