“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

Our FunkyKids Club Creative workshop is now complete in Nurney National School


Thanks to the Principal, staff, the Board of Management and the Parents Association for allowing the children to be involved in The FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop


Here is a week by week account of how the children progressed over the 10 weeks.


The Show "Clowning Around" was staged in McGrath Hall in Bagnelstown on Sunday 9th December @ 7.00pm.




We met all the children and teachers in our introductory meeting on Monday. We explained to the children what we are going to do over the 10 week period. We showed them a DVD of a previous workshop show and gave the teachers their schedules. We performed some mime for the children and we received a rapturous round of applause. On Friday the workshop started. There were a few settling in nerves from everybody including ourselves but already progress is been made with all the children. We rehearsed our puppets and also our 1st song in both workshops. We also started our costumes and then went on to do some role play games. We hope all the children will settle in and we are looking forward to working with the children over the next 10 weeks.



We are now well and truly up and running with these children. They are fantastic children and making great progress. They have completed their 1st song and have started learning their 2nd song. They continued drawing and cutting their shapes for their costumes and practicing their puppets. They arrived with some very bright and colorful stockings and they will be turning these into puppets next week. We went outside with the older children for our speech game where we ended up having some fun competition between the boys and girls. The small children passed their "troll" game with flying colors. Well done to everyone.

  Learning their dance Cutting shapes for t-shirts Havin a laugh



Great progress is being made with now 2 songs and dances learned. We have also introduced our 3rd puppet song so the children are doing great. We all cut out our mouths and tongues for the children's puppet's. The small children made a wish and the "Great Wizard" appeared to the astonished children where he played an imagination game with them. The older children played a very interesting game where they each had to pair themselves up and use their whole bodies and their imaginations to form a letter from the alphabet that they were given. They all done extremely well.

This is easy pesy  Making puppets mouths



We now have progressed on to our 3rd song for our Xmas's show. All the children are doing great. Also all the children started sticking their shapes to their t-shirts. This is the 1st real progression with their costumes. The children done their own designs so no 2 t-shirts are the same and they all look fantastic. The color is amazing. We hoped for a visit from the "Great Wizard" but unfortunately the children ran out of time. The older children played a team work game with sticks in their mouths and some washers. They can tell you about this themselves.



We are now at the half way mark in Nurney school and the children are fantastic. This is also being achieved from the participation and encouragement from the principal Mr. Duffy and the teacher Mrs. Murphy. We now have settled the children down and hopefully they have learned from the games and other things we have showed them in the last number of weeks. The children started to sing their songs to keyboards and not to a cd. They are great singers. They also finished their t-shirts and as you can see from the images below that every child has produced a work of art. We allowed the children to create their own t-shirts so no 2 t-shirts are the same. The parents are going to be in for a real treat at Christmas

boy can we sing   here is a work of art



For such a small school the children and teachers are doing a "big and wonderful job". Everything is going according to plan but we will have to include a few extra workshops to make sure we complete everything that needs to be done. The children have been doing a great job but Mr.Duffy and Mrs. Murphy are letting the children do more work on them in art class. The teachers are also allowing the children to rehearse as part of their classroom work which is excellent. We met with the staff today to try and finalize our shows so we should have more news on that next week. Great job everyone.

 lets just hang here together These puppets hair will be the end of me



We are getting near show time now with only 3 weeks to go. The children started to rehearse their final songs and finished their last session of make and do on their costumes. Great imagination was used by all the children and we are delighted with the results. Next week is a big week as we will be painting the scenes. We will have great fun.



What a great day in Nurney today. The children were fantastic. The younger children painted their star scene and used their hands on the main star. The older children painted their clown. It was a great occasion to see an empty canvas being transformed and the end results were great. All the children worked in teams and not an ounce of paint was split or wasted. These scenes will form part of the show and will hang proudly during the performance for all to see - well done everybody.

  Small children hard at work 

Clown taking shape Great result



Panic is now starting to set in with only 2 weeks to go for show time. We are doing 2 workshops in Nurney this week just to make sure that everything will be ready for the show. On Monday we went through the final songs with the children. We need to do a small bit more of "make and do" to make sure that the children's costumes are finished. Mr. Duffy and Mrs. Murphy also auditioned for their parts in front of the children.   This was a great laugh and was well performed by both. We are also introducing the children playing their tin whistles into the show.The children will be playing their whistles at a very nice part in the show and it should sound great.The end result should be very entertaining. On Friday we went through the last songs for rehearsal with all the children. We had fun with Mr.Duffy today who stud in for one of the small children and performed with the other children very well. The older children also recorded their Christmas wish that will be played in the last scene of the show. These are the children's own words with no encouragement from anyone with what they were to say. It will be a great piece in the last scene. The Principal also had the children in the school coloring the posters for the show and the children are also working hard on the program for the show. It is a credit to the whole school they way they have taken on The FunkyKids Workshop in the school. Their is only a week left to showtime and next week we have a few surprises in store for the children.

Mr. Duffy joining in



The last week. We are spending 3 mornings in Nurney School this week and everyone in the whole school is rehearsing hard for their show this weekend. The posters are up and the school children colored in the program's for the show. Mrs. Murphy has decided on her costume with the children's help and Mr.Duffy is learning the lines for his piece. We are having great fun in the school this week and there is great excitement in the school. This is the schools first ever stage show. We have done some fun things with the children this week including mimes etc. The children are going to put on a fantastic show this weekend and we have a major rehearsal on Saturday. Look up next week and you will see pictures from the show. See everybody at the rehearsal's and -  break a leg.




Saturday 8th - We had a rehearsal on Saturday morning that would not have went as well as expected however the children got to see one another perform and set their places on stage. The adults were also very helpful and some have been allocated certain jobs to perform during the show. Everyone is feeling anxious as we don't know how the show will pan out

Sunday 9th - What a show. The children were fantastic and put on the performance of a lifetime. They performed to a full house - up to 200 people and the performance left the audience on their feet clapping. It was a fantastic night and the interaction between the children on stage and the audience was excellent. We could not have asked for a more wonderful evening. Everyone including the children were on a high. We are sorry to say that we have no pictures from the show as our camera failed to work for us. You can see from the pictures below the children getting made up and in their costume. You can also see the transformation of an empty stage to a stage ready for a FunkyKids Show

The before   Stage is just ready

The special treatment  All ready to go The programmes hand painted by the children



On Tuesday 11 we presented the children with their FunkyKids Club Certificate of Excellence. It was a great morning with everybody including the parents that came for the presentation dancing and celebrating. This concludes our time in Nurney National School. It as been a wonderful 10 weeks working with Mr.Duffy, Mrs. Murphy, Julie and most of all - the children.

We know that the children thoroughly enjoyed the FunkyKids experience and as a result are more confident. We are booked for Nurney National School next year so we will see you all again in September '08.


Bye for now - and thanks for a great time


Denis and Olivia