“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

We are delighted to have completed our 2nd term in Scoile Muire gan Small.


We thank the Principal, Staff, The Board of Management, The Parent's Association and the Parent's for allowing The FunkyKids Club into the school for a 2nd term.


The Show "The Land of Make Believe" was staged in the Abbey Hall,

Graignamanagh on Wed,11th Thur,12th and Frid 13th,June @ 7.00pm


We hope the children had a great experience.


Here is a week by week diary of what the children learned.




We got to work immediately with all the children straight away and it was great to see all the children again. The children started on their 1st song and dance routines and then they started cutting shapes that will form part of their costume. We have a lot of work to do as this is a new show with totally new ideas so it will be interesting to see what the next few weeks will bring. After a few imagination games and self confidence games we are now up and running and looking forward to the next 10 weeks in Scoile Muire gan Small



We started all the workshops by showing the children "Helping Hands" and it was a great laugh. Everyone is more settled in this week and we continued with the children's song and dance routines and the children were still cutting shapes for their costumes. The younger children played the "Troll Game" while the older children played the "Blind Game" which can be challenging for the older children but they done extremely well. Next week the children are doing their final preparation for their costumes.

Small children working hard  What do we do now?



We had a wonderful week in Scoile Muire gan Small this week. The cheeky "Polly Pecker" escaped into the young children's classrooms before the workshops started and their was great excitement. He also hid behind the grotto to surprise the children as they were going home from school. The Principal told Polly he was very naughty and that Denis would go mad if he new he was out of his box. We also had great fun with the children on the sad and happy mats and all the classes performed very well telling their stories. We also introduced the tongue twisters with the older children with one of the students performing an operatic part with Denis that was a great laugh. The children also played the letters game and they worked brilliantly together as a team. The children continued with their song and dance routines and they are coming together very well. Next week the children will be starting their costumes. It was a brilliant week in the school and great fun.

 The letters game Older girls hard at work



Where are the weeks going. Today the children started their costumes. We have children in pajamas, ghosts, skeletons, a very big dragon and every child using great imagination on their costumes. The children will now be at their costumes for the next 3 workshops. The 6th class girls helped with the junior and senior infants as it is hard to give one on one with the small children while they are doing their make and do. We are delighted with the progress being made but for the next few weeks the children will be concentrating on their singing, dancing and costumes so the games are on hold for the moment but they will return. Next week is the half way mark and soon we will be introducing the keyboards and not a cd which will be more challenging for the children.

Ghost costumes taking shape  



All the children continued with their costumes and all the children are now learning their final song. Ms. Cullitons class were giving the job of making the dragon's head for our 30' dragon that will be appearing in the show and the children along with their teacher did a fantastic job as you can see below. The costumes are looking extremely well and the colour and imagination is just fantastic. Ms. Murphy's class performed for the junior and senior infants as they are doing a challenging piece with bells. and we need to see how the children would react to it. The piece worked very well and with a bit more practice it should be very funny in the show.. We also had a courtroom today where Denis was accused of knocking over a child#s glue but he claimed he was innocent. One of the children was appointed his attorney and evidence was heard however the "judge" Mrs. Doyle found Denis guilty and ordered him to pay 50 cent in compensation to the child and €5.00 to the mission poor box. It was a spur of the moment and great fun in class. We are now on a mid term break so we will see you all in a weeks time. Well done everybody.

Dragons head in progress  Everyone working hard.



Another fantastic week in Scoile Muire this week. The young classes were disrupted as they had visits from the "Great Wizard" and The FunkyKids Clown. They caused great excitement and disruption in class however the teachers didn't mind at all. Also we brought some of the classes together so they could perform in front of one another and although more work needs to be done the children did very well. We also introduced the keyboards to the classes this week. The children have performed to a cd up until now but from here on they will be singing "live" and it will be a bit harder for the children to perform but they will get there. The children have now all completed their costumes and we are delighted with the imagination that they all used. The costumes are a credit to the children. Next week all the classes will be making their section of our 30' dragon that will be appearing in the show - by the way the dragon has been christened "Jimmy" and then the following week the children will be painting their scenes for the show.

Junior and Senior classses working on their costumes  Olivia keeping a close eye

Costumes laid out to dry Ghost Costumes Skeletons at work



The weeks are flying bye and the children are performing very well. We are confident that it will be a brilliant show. This week the children had the chance to use their imagination as Denis showed them a trick with a balloon. All the children have now learned all their songs and are slowly but surly getting used to performing them. All the school started working on our 30' dragon that will be making an appearance in the show. By the way the children have named the dragon "Jimmy" so if you hear the children mention his name you now know that it is their dragon that they are talking about. Every class spent time decorating Jimmy however the more intense detail will be done by the 5th and 6th class girls next week. The other classes next week will get a break from singing and dancing as they are all painting their scenes for the show - so old clothes are a must.

The children rehersing their song and dance routine Junior classes decorating Jimmy 

 Look at the lenght of this dragon



This was another great week in Scoile Muire this week. We have spent 4 days in the school this week. 2 of these days were spent by all the children painting their scenes for the show and a wonderful job they done as you can see from the pictures below. All the children worked together as teams and all were great listeners and patient which is the most important factor in painting the scenes. The different scenes are police cars, ghosts, little red riding hood and other images that you will only see when the show is staged. Ms. Culleton class did not paint a scene as they had the important job of finishing Jimmy our dragon. That completed all the make and do with the children and from here on in we will be just rehearsing our song and dance routines over and over. We will also be taking time out to do other things with the children over the next few rehearsals. It is getting very close to show time now with only a week and a half left.

Ms Farraghers Class hard at work Ms. Farragher scene complete Mrs. O Carrolls class painting their scene

Little Red Riding Hood Ms O Mullane class getting the detail right 



On Thursday of last week all the children arrived for their 1st rehearsal in the Abbey Hall. It was a strange time for the children as they were in different surroundings than the school where they have rehearsed up until now. However under the circumstances the children did very well and the introduction for the children into the hall went very well. We also got to do some mimes with the children which was great fun. The children also got to see Mrs. O Carroll's mime with Denis and also the mime that Denis and Olivia will be doing in the show. It was a great laugh for all.

On Monday we continued our rehearsal's in the hall with the children and they are now settling in more to their new surroundings. The children will be spending the entire week in the hall. Again the rehearsal went very well and the children are in great form and getting very excited. After the rehearsal we danced with all the children and it was a great chance for everyone to release some energy.

On Tuesday the children were again back in the hall and this time the children rehearsed their show using the full light and sound system. Again it was a change for the children as they had not performed the show under the stage lights up until now.

On Wednesday we had our final rehearsal in the hall and we are all ready for the 1st show later on this evening. It was a brilliant team effort by everyone including teachers and pupils to make the final preparation work to the hall for the show later on this evening. Everyone is excited and nervous but we are all looking forward to the 1st of 3 shows tonight - all 166 children break a leg.


What a show it ended up being. We had a sold out house for all 3 nights and the 166 children involved were just brilliant. From the infants to the seniors they all sang and danced their hearts out to raptures rounds of applause. The highlights of the show were our ghosts, our zombies, our mimes, our great finale and "Jimmy" our dragon. It was a brilliant team effort from everyone to get the children made up and prepared for stage. The last night was emotional with some tears from a lot of us now that it has come to an end. Our comment book was filled with wonderful comments from the children and adults that most enjoyed the show. Below are some pictures that were taken of the show.

Waitin to go on stage The children getting make up applied

Bring it on 

Clowning around Zombies coming to life on stage

Senior girls doing their thing The great finale


That completes our 2nd term in Scoile Muire gan Small. It is a wonderful school with wonderful children in it. The children were given a challenging show to work with and they certainly came up to the challenge. The children deserved their FunkyKids Certificate of Excellence and we were proud to present them to all the children. To work with all the children and the teachers is a joy in this school and the fun we had along the way was just fantastic. Again we take great memories away with us from working in this school. The children excelled themselves and we know they loved being part of the FunkyKids club. Till the next time thank you all and we hope that the next 10 weeks when we return will not go as quick as these 10 weeks did.


God Bless


Denis and Olivia