“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

This is our 1st public Workshop that was organized by The Skeaghvausteen Parents Association. There were 59 children involved in this workshop.


The show "A Christmas Cracker" was staged in the Abbey Hall Graignamanagh on Sunday 16th Decfor a matinee show @3.00pm and an evening show @ 7.00pm.

Thank you to the Parents Association and the Parents for allowing their children to be part of The FunkyKids

Club Creative Workshop.


Here is a week by week account of how the children progressed.



We started with this workshop 27/09/07. Most of the children that pre-booked for the workshop enrolled on the 1st night for which we were delighted. We have great children involved and we got off to a fantastic start. We are well into our 1st song and the children also started making the pieces for their costumes. Our acting games were great with the boys putting on some make up for the girls and the girls doing a rugby scrum for the boys. We will continue with our "troll" game with the smaller children next week as everybody did not get a go. We hope everyone is practicing their songs that they brought home with them. It is going to be a great 10 weeks.



It is great to be involved in this our 1st public workshop. The children have all been learning their songs from the cd that they took home with them. In fact some of the parents have said that the children have played them non stop. This has been clear to us because the children have been able to sing back the songs to us. The children have all moved on to their 2nd song and are continuing to work with their shapes for their t-shirts.. Next week the children will be starting on their hand puppets and starting to learn their 3rd song. Their is also a special visitor for the small children. The listening game was challenging for the older children as it brought out some of their weakness but this will all be worked on over the next 8 weeks.

Steppin it out  Cuttin shapes Whats the next move



The workshop this week was fantastic. The children are excellent. We have now learned two of our songs and have moved on to our 3rd song in both workshops. The children also started cutting the shapes for their hand puppet's. The older children had great fun using their bodies to make letters while the younger children made a wish and the "Great Wizard" appeared to play an imaginary game with them. Next week the children will start on the t-shirts of their costumes. Everything is going great.

Learning their dance Cutting the hand puppet shapes  The Great Wizard



The children are excellent. They are making fantastic progress. Today we rehearsed their songs without the use of a cd and they also started the serious part of their costume which is their t-shirts. We allowed the children to use their own imagination on their own t-shirts so no 2 shirts are the same and the results were excellent. We have some great singing voices here. It is a joy to work with these children and we are also getting great help from some of the Parents. We are well on our way to staging a fantastic show. Happy Halloween

Great singing Voices T-Shirts lookijng good



Another great week with the children this week. We are now at the half way mark. The children have now finished their t-shirts and every one is a work of art. We had great fun with "the 12 days of Christmas". The children came up with their own ideas and the result was great fun and should look very well on stage. We have a lot to do still and we want the children to finish their hand puppets next week. We are moving away from the dancing side for a couple of weeks just to concentrate on other things that need to be done but we are progressing very well and it will be a great show.

what will we do now mimic man  Works of art



The children are now in full rehearsals at this stage and everything is going accordingly to plan. We met the Adults to work out a rota for the shows and they were very cooperative and willing. The children went on and finished their puppets and they used great imagination. No 2 puppets are the same. We will have to give the children more time to work on their puppets so we will schedule this in. In the next 2 weeks we should be able to get back to our games but for the moment we have to concentrate on the work that needs to be done.

 Hello - nice to meets you Give me a kiss Can we do our puppetts now



Another great week in Skeagh. The children went on to learn "Jingle bell Rock" where they are doing a lot of cheeky work. The boys started work on their trousers transforming them from plane ol things to fashion accessories. They all done great imaginative work. The girls finished their t-shirts. The children's make and do is just about finished and we are very proud of all the children. They use great imagination and they all created masterpieces - well done



We had 2 workshops this week with all the children. On Wednesday night we all painted our scenes with the help of the parents. The younger children used their hands and feet to create their star scene and the older children painted their clown. They also used hand prints in this scene. We had a great evening and the results well be used in the show for all to see. On Thursday we rehearsed all our songs with the older children starting to rehearse their final song. From now on we will just be rehearsing over and over the song and dance routines. We took time out during the workshop to show the children other forms of dancing. This was great fun and enjoyed by all. 3 weeks to go for show time.

Starting the masterpeice  Job well done Clowning around

Hip Hip Horay  Can I have this dance



This week again we had 2 workshops in Skeagh. On Wednesday night the children continued to rehearse their song and dance routines. They went on then to do the last piece of make and do on their puppets. While the older children were doing this we brought them in 1 by 1 to record their Christmas wish. These will be played in the final scene of the show and they are the children's own words Witt no help or encouragement from anybody with what to say. Some are genuine and some are funny but they a5re all great. On Thursday because the children are so well rehearsed at this stage we were able to take time out and have some fun with the children. We performed mimes for the children and they in-turn performed "The Laughing Policeman" mime for us that was very funny. It was a great laugh. We are nearly there and it has been a joy to work with all these children.

Doing the mime themselves Having a laugh The Laughing Policeman



This is our final week of rehearsal with the show been staged next weekend. The children are "bursting" to get on stage this week. We face painted the children this week so the helpers will have an idea of how to approach it on the nights of the shows. We also allowed the older children to face paint each other with some very interesting results. Next week we are moving he children to the Abbey Hall so they can rehearse and get a feel for the stage - nearly there folks.

me me me me me - next  Interesting faces guys



Final week. We met all the children on Thursday and they got the chance to perform in front of one another as it was the 1st time that the two workshops came together. On Friday we went to the Abbey Hall and transformed the stage from an empty shell to a fantastic sight. The children were thrilled when they saw the transformation. We rehearsed with the children on Saturday using the stage with full lights and sound. It went as well as expected as it was a lot for the children to take in. Also nerves are abundant at this stage. Tomorrow (Sunday) is show time and we hope it will be a great success as the children deserve it.



We transformed the empty stage in the Abbey Hall on Fiday. You can see from the photos below that it took some work but the stage looked fantastic in the end. On Saturday we rehearsed the children on the stage and explained and showed them the lighting system and effects. The children however seemed to be a bit bewildered by it all and for that reason they did not perform as well as we hoped in their new surrounding's. On Sunday we did the 1st of our 2 shows and any reservations we had from the children were proved wrong as the children were excellent. They looked marvelous in the costumes and they sang their hearts out. For the evening show it was even better as the children and helpers were far more relaxed and more confident than the afternoon show. The applause and compliments that were given to the children were well deserved.

 Empty Stage  Nearly There Saturday Rehersal Saturday Rehersal

Puppets from the show Dancing their hearts out


That concludes our workshop in Skeaghvausteen. On Thursday we will be presenting the children with their FunkyKids Club Certificate of Excellence and we will be having a party. We enjoyed our time in Skeaughvausteen with the children and adults and we know that most of the children enjoyed the FunkyKids Club experience from their comments to us. Also the adults in the Parents Association were fantastic and a pleasure to work with. Well done children - you did yourselves proud.  For now everyone in Skeaugh have a wonderful Christmas and we will see you all next year.




Denis and Olivia