“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

We were delighted to be back in Skeaughvausteen for a 2nd term


We thank the Parent's Association for binging The FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop to the children in the area and also the Parent's for enrolling their children into our workshops.


We also thank the Principal and the Board of Management of St. Fiachras School for allowing The FunkyKids Club Workshops to take place in the school.


We hope the children enjoyed the experience.


The show "Spraoi na Nollag" was staged on Sunday 14th December in Goresbridge Hall for 2 shows @ 2.30 and 6.30pm.


A great day was had by everyone


Here is a week by week breakdown of what the children learned and achieved.



It is great to be back working in Skeaugh again and it is great that so many children from the school signed up for the FunkyKids the 2nd time around.We have had to go with 3 workshops this year because of the number of children involved and we apologize to any children that could not take part as a result of changing the time schedule. We had a very lively start from all the children and we had a couple of starting issues to resolve and we finally got on our way. In Skeaugh this year we have Santa's, Ghosts and Zombies. All the children were involved with their imagination games and all the children tried the "Chinese Whisper" however none of the children succeeded this week to complete it. The smaller children got to meet "Polly" and all the children started their 1st song and dance routines.Hopefully from now on the workshops will settle down.



We had a much more organized week this week in Skeaugh and it is great to see everyone settling down. All the children went on to their 2nd song and dance routines and all the children continued with the preparation work for their costumes. It will be another week before the children finally get to work on their costumes. The small children got to play the "Troll Game" while the older children were given their scenario's to act out. The older children were very entertaining with their scenario's and it was great to see the children not been shy. We will have pictures for you next week and thanks a million to the Parent,s Association for with out their help the workshops could not take place. Well done to all.



This week was a great week in Skeaugh and the workshops have settled down and the children have settled in. All the children did very well performing on the sad and happy mats with the older children been quite entertaining as usual. Denis also performed some magic however he still need practice. The small children completed their Santa's and the rest of the children completed their preparation work for their costumes. Next week is a big week as the children get to start making their costumes as up to now they had 3 weeks of preparation work to complete. Next week the children's own imagination kicks in as they can use their own design and ideas to create their costumes. The singing and dancing is progressing very well but their is a lot to do. It is still hard to get some of the children to listen but most of the children are great. Thanks to the little man that gave Denis the fright of his like by wearing his Halloween mask.




All the children are performing very well in Skeaugh and the progress every week is fantastic. We had a lot to do this week so we had not any time for games. All the children started the 1st stage of their costumes and in Skeaugh this year we have ghosts, zombies and Santa's. The children used great imagination on their costumes and it was also great for the children to finally start their costumes as they have spent the last 3 weeks preparing for them. All the children have now progressed to their 3rd song and dance routines with the smaller children learning a blinding performance of "Bob the Builder". We also had good fun with the older children as the boys messed with the girls to disrupt their performance. Well done to all.

Maybe if I put this bone here "Hello" Do you like our Santa's?




It is hard to believe that we are now at the half way mark in Skeaugh. Where are the weeks going. We had a fantastic week in Skeaugh this week as the children took time out from their singing and dancing to paint their scenes. These scenes will be hung at the back of the stage during the children's performance during the show. Scene day is our favorite day but it also involves a lot of patience and teamwork from the children and they all did a fantastic job. Next week the children will continue with the 2nd part of their costumes and hopefully all the children will be present again after the Halloween break.





Great progress is now been made in Skeaugh and all the children have now moved on to their last song and dance routines. The children also performed live to the keyboards and not to a cd this week. It is harder for the children to sing with the keyboard as they have no music or melody line that they have to a cd. The children performed very well and over the final weeks of the workshops they will be singing brilliantly. The 2nd workshop children also started their routine with their bells. This is a great routine in the show and is very entertaining. All the children had their 2nd week of making costumes and next week all the children will complete their final stage of their costume. The costumes are fantastic and full of imagination. Well done to all. The children also had great fun acting out fairytale stories with some great performances from the children.

Ghost costume taking shape What are all these bones for ? Singing their hearts out



We had a great evening in Skeaugh this week and the children are getting better every week at learning and performing their songs. The 2nd workshop children worked out their routine for the bells and the 3rd workshop children are now concentrating more on their zombie characters. The 1st and 3rd workshop children also completed their costumes and they done an amazing job using great imagination and the 2nd workshop children started their Christmas scene backdrop. This backdrop will be made up of hundreds of pieces of material to make a Christmas image it will be worked on by all the children. It will take time and patience for this scene to be completed but the children are doing a fantastic job. Everything is going well and the children are well on their way to staging a great show.




All the children are great fun in Skeaugh and it is a joy to be working with them all every week. They are all performing so well at this stage and they are all full of enthusiasm. This week as a result of something that happened in the workshop last week we had to perform a mock wedding for some of the children. We appointed a bride and groom, we had the choir, the rings, the priest, the best man and the bridesmaid. Let us just say that the children done this all on the own accord and arranged the whole scene themselves for myself and Olivia to witness and boy it was great fun to watch. The children are to be complimented for going to such effort and it was great to see that the children enjoy the funkykids club to be able to show it to us all. All the children had a go at the "magic bell" but none of the children could ring it or figure it out. All the children got to work on the Christmas backdrop and next week should complete the backdrop. The work shop is also a credit to all the parent's that are present every week for without their help The FunkyKids Club could not take place - well done to all.



We are getting closer to staging our show with the children in Skeaugh and everything is going great. The children are performing their hearts out. The children got to finish their Christmas backdrop and it is a sight to behold. All the children did a great job and we are proud of them all. We also chose our two performers for the mime in the show. After Denis and Olivia performed the mime we asked the children which of them would be willing to try it on stage in the show. A small number of girls and boys elected them selves and after placing the names in a hat two were chosen. It was the fairest way of giving everybody that wanted to perform the mime an equal chance and we are sorry for those names that did not come out of the hat. Well done to you all.



What a brilliant week in Skeaugh this week and the children  are just the best children to be working with. This was our last separate workshop as from next week all the workshops will come together to rehearse their show so all the children will finally get to see what the other workshops were doing in preparation for the show. This week we had dancing "through the ages", we all sang Christmas songs and the children performed some great mimes for us. It was a brilliant fun evening and a great way to prepare for our final rehearsals for the show - - - - - --  - - - - - -"Bring it on"



On Wednesday we had our 1st full rehearsal with all the children in the workshops in the hall where the show is being staged. There was great excitement from all the children and the children finally got to see what the other children were singing in the other workshops. The rehearsal went very well and on Friday we are setting up the full light and sound system in the hall. The children again had a full rehearsal on Saturday with all the sound and lighting in place. There was some strain and anticipation on us all adults and children to make sure that everything was prepared for the shows on Sunday. The children were very excited at this stage.

On Sunday we all had a fantastic day and the show and performance from the children could not have went better. At 1.00pm the 1st of the children arrived in costume to get their make up on and it is a wonderful moment to see the children in their costume for the 1st time, At 2.30 we had our 1st show and at 6.30 we had our 2nd show so it was a wonderful long day for everyone. The children were fantastic for both shows and the audience loved the shows. At the end of the 2nd show we were proud to present the children with their FunkyKids Club Certificates of Excellence and then the FunkyKids Club finally came to an end with some tears from ourselves and the children

waiting to go on stgae all children on stage for rehersal preparing the stage for the show

 small children on stgae performing zombies giving it loads



That concludes our 10 weeks with these wonderful children in Skeaughvausteen. The workshops could not have taken place without the help of the Parents Association and the Parents that helped every week. It was a great example of how a small rural area can come together and stage such a wonderful show.

Thank you all


Denis and Olivia