“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

We were delighted to be in this school for our April - June term '08.


We thank the Principal, The Staff, The Board of Management, The Parent's Association and the Parents for allowing The FunkyKids Club into the school.


The Show "Funktasia" was staged in MaGrath Hall in Bagnelstown on 23rd and 24th J


We hope the children enjoyed the experience.


Here is a week by week diary of what the children learned.




This is a fine school with very outgoing children. We started our 1st day introducing ourselves, telling the children what they will be doing for the next 10 weeks, playing games and all the children started to learn their 1st song and dance routines. We also showed the children "helping hands" which was great fun with some of the children acting the part very well. The small children were excellent and did very well with their games. The older children showed great interest and were full of questions as to what they will be doing. All the children started cutting the shapes for their costumes and the children will see the costumes come together over the next few weeks. This is the start of the FunkyKids in St. Mary's and hopefully it will be a roller coaster of a journey.



We are now of to a flying start in St.Mary's. The children went on to learn their 2nd song and dance routines and continued cutting the shapes for their costumes. The young children continued to play the "Troll Game"  and the older children were introduced to the "Blind Game" All the children did very well acting out the different scenarios that they were given and some of the older children were entertaining while doing this. We are still noticing the shy children but hopefully they will learn to be more expressive as the weeks go on.

Anybody need a scissors ? Boys cutting shapes for their tree costume 



Today the younger children had a visit from the very cheeky  "Polly Pecker" that the young children loved. After Polly disrupted the classes the children then met her in the workshop's. They loved her tricks and had a great laugh with his antics with the balloon. We also found out later that Polly hid in one of the classrooms and surprised all the children when they returned to class. The older children done very well at the giant letter game where all the children have to work together to make a giant letter with their bodies while lying on the floor. They are told the letter to make and they are given a certain amount of time to make it. It is good fun but challenging for the children to work together as a team. All the children also had to tell a story on our "sad and happy mats" and they all did very well. All the children rehearsed their song and dance routines and the children made the mouths and tongues for their puppet's. The children will be finishing their puppets at a later stage. Next week The children will start the work on their t-shirts. This is where imagination kicks in as the children are allowed to create what they like with the materials they are given.

Cutting shapes  



Another entertaining week in S. Mary's. This week all the children were given their tongue twisters to perform and it was very funny particularly with the older children as they were given the challenge to either sing or act out their tongue twisters. All the children did very well. The children are now on to their 3rd song and dance routines and they are getting more confident every week singing their songs. It was a big week this week as the children started their t-shirts for their costumes. Great imagination was used with stars, puppet's, tree's, flowers and dolls all forming parts in the show and it will be interesting to see how the costumes will look when they are finished.

Very busy children  

Flowers making their costumes Older children working on their puppetts and dolls



It is hard to believe but we are now at the half way mark in St.Mary's School. The children are doing extremely well and all the children have now gone on to learn their 3rd and final song in each workshop. The younger children in particular are singing their hearts out. The children also started rehearsing their puppet routines. They all continued with their costumes and great imagination is been used. The boys are doing a wonderful job on their tree costumes. We also had a bit of fum time dressing different staff and children up in costume with Denis showing the younger children his balloon trick in his clown costume. Next week we are introducing the keyboards so from now on the children will not have the use of a CD to help them sing the songs.

Children working on their flower costumes  

One of the girls clowning around Older children creating great art work



The children performed to the keyboards this week for the 1st time and they all done extremely well. It's brilliant hearing the children sing "live" and not to a cd. The children also finished their costumes today also. We have to say that the boy's tree costumes are the best we have seen yet. We are very proud of all the costumes as great imagination was used by all the children particularly the older children in Ms. Eades class. Next week all the children are finishing their puppet's. They will be decorating their puppet's with eyes, hair and anything else that the children want to add. It is a great day for the children as they love working on their puppet's.



This week all the children rehearsed their song and dance routines and then they all went on to start their puppet's. It was a great morning and it was great to see the children using so much imagination=ion on their puppets. Ms. Brennan had a treasure cove of stuff for the children to use and by Joe did all the children use it. As is always the case the children did not have enough time to finish their puppet's so all the teachers allocated time in the class room for the children to finish them. Next week their will be no singing and dancing as all the children will be painting their scenes for the show.




We are well into the weeks now in St. Mary's with the show getting ever closer. This week all the children painted their scenes and it was another wonderful day in the school. The young children used their hands and feet to complete their scene. The flowers and tree's used great colour to finish their scene and the puppet's and dolls were allowed to work out their own design to complete their scene. Team work is an essential part of painting the scene day and it was a credit to all the children for being patient and working together. The scenes will be hung at the back of the stage for the children's show.

Working hard  Great teamwork

 Getting the job done 



This week we spent 2 days in the school rehearsing the show. On Monday we went through the entire show for the 1st time and it went very well. The children are getting more confident every time they perform. We then went on to show the children some mimes which was good fun. The children also had to elect 2 teachers to volunteer to do a mime in the show and Ms. Murphy and Ms. Brennan were chosen to perform. They were given their words and the cd of the song so we will see how they get on on Friday. On Friday we had our 2nd rehearsal with the children and it was just a great morning. The children sand and danced brilliantly. The children also practiced their recorder music for the show. They are playing 5 different pieces and it is just lovely. It is a great opportunity for the children to play their recorders in the show as they have been getting music lessons from their music teacher in the school. Ms. Murphy and Ms. Brennan also got to show us their mime for the 1st time and they did very well. The show is getting closer and when we left the school we then went on to MaGrath Hall to prepare the stage and install the lights and sound for the show.

practising their puppets Practising their recorders 

Having fun The chilkdren rehersing their great finale



On Monday morning we brought all the children to MaGrath Hall for their 1st and only rehearsal in the hall on stage and in front of the light and sound system. All the children were nervous but excited but they all did extremely well. It was in new surroundings for the children so we expected a challenging morning. The children rehearsed in the hall all day in preparation for their 1st show later on in the evening and they did extremely well to ho;d out for the day. Later the children will be arriving to perform the 1st of their shows - break a leg.


On Monday evening the children performed the 1st of the shows to a near full house. It was great to finally see the children wearing their costumes that the made and it is always a wonderful site when the children start arriving for the show. Applying the make up went very well and their was great teamwork from everyone involved to prepare for the show. At 7.00pm we lifted off and a great show it was. The audience  were just fantastic and all the children were excellent. The stage was full of colour and vibrancy. The highlight of the show was the older "bold" puppets and the mime from Ms. Brennan and Ms. Murphy. They were very funny with "bits" falling of Ms. Brennan as the mime went on. Stephen's father was the chosen member of the audience for "The Laughing Policeman" mime. On Tuesday we had our 2nd show again to a fine audience that thoroughly enjoyed the children's performance. We felt the 2nd night went better as everyone was more relaxed and we were more aware of the running of the show. We had a technical breakdown for about 5 minutes and wee thank the gentleman that sorted the problem for us. However it did not disrupt the children as they performed brilliantly. At the end of the show we were proud to present the children with their FunkyKids Club Certificate of Excel lance.

Applying make up Earlier rehersal

Waiting to go on stage


That concludes our 10 weeks in St.Mary's school and we make a welcome return to the school in 2010. It was great to see certain children in the school achieve so much personally while in the FunkyKids Club. The help and the assistance form the teachers was fantastic and it was a joy to work with them all. Till we meet you all again in St.Mary's


God Bless


Denis and Olivia