“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

We are delighted to have brought the FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop to Wandesforde National School.


We thank the Principal, Staff, The Board of Management and the Parents Association.


We hope the children enjoyed the experience.




Here is a week by week breakdown of what the children learned and achieved.




We started on the 1st day back to school after X-Mass and let us tell you it was hard to get out of bed that morning. We went to Wandesforde School and it was a brilliant 1st day. The principal and staff are pleasant, we have a lovely big room to work in and the facilities available to us are excellent. The children were wonderful on their 1st day. They participated in everything that we asked them to do and we had great fun. We played our introductory games and then got to work. All the children learned their 1st song and dance and they all started with their 1st piece of their costume - cutting the shapes from foil that will be attached to their costume. We are looking forward to working in this school and all going well we will be staging the show in March.

Hard at work  Getting Ready



We are settling in great in Wandesforde School and the children are very enthusiastic and willing to learn. They got on very well with their speech techniques in our tongue twister challenge. They also performed very well on our happy - sad mats where they had to make up stories and tell them and act it out for us. It was obvious that the teachers were rehearsing the 1st song with the children as the children performed it very well after only learning it last week. All the children went on to learn their 2nd song and dance routine. The teachers are also bringing some of the art and craft work in to the classroom. This will help us great and allow us to do more with the children.

 Great singing This is hard work



The children and teachers are fantastic in this school and we are all making great progress. All the children have now started to learn their 3rd song and dance movements and they all have finished their preparation work for their costumes. Next week they start the big job of sticking the pieces to their t-shirts which will form part of their costume. All the children have now made the mouths and tongues for their puppet's. The younger children had a visit from the very bold - Polly Pecker and the older children played the blind fold game. It was a very enjoyable morning.



This week the children got down to some serious work as we are nearly at the half way mark. All the children rehearsed their song and dance routines. More effort will need to be put into the song and dance but we hope progress will be made in the coming weeks. All the children started their t-shirts this week and great imagination was used. The older children were left to do their own designs and the results were great. This week at home we have started making the skirts and we have started to assemble the puppets for the children to work on when they have finished their t-shirts. Well done to all.




We are now at the half way stage and we are happy with the progress however a lot of work still need to be done. All the children have now learned all their songs it is now just for the children to constantly rehearse them and practice them over and over. All the children have done fantastic work on their costumes as you can see from the pictures below. We also introduced the keyboards for the 1st time so the children will not be performing the songs to a cd any more for the remainder of the term. The younger children got a surprise when "Polly Pecker" appeared in class after she went missing and Christopher in the older class got wet when Denis helped him with "helping hands". We now have the skirts for the girls just finished and next week all the children are doing the 1st make and do of their puppets.

Older children's t-shirts  Younger children's t-shirts



Today all the children started making their puppets. Great imagination was again used with the older children trying to dress their puppets in all kinds of costumes and finishing them with all kinds of hairdo's. All the singing and dancing is now complete so the children have started to learn the songs that they will be doing with their puppets. The older children have been divided into 3 groups and they all have been given the task of coming up themselves with a dance routine for one of the closing songs. It will be interesting to see how the children get on. All the children are doing extremely well and the help and assistance from Mrs. Tracey and Ms. Dennehy is fantastic. They are allowing a lot of work to be done in the classroom. Next week we are meeting with the staff to organize our dates for the show and we will be getting in touch with the adults to see who can help during the staging of the shows.



We are now getting very close to show time in Wandesforde school. We have met with the teachers and principal to go through the final details of organizing the show so we should have details for you soon. The children have gone on to decorating their jeans and trousers for their costumes. The older boys have turned their trousers into rag doll costumes and they did very well using great imagination. The small boys have turned their jeans into something that is only fit for "pop-stars" to wear. The older children have now completed their final dance to their hardest song and it is a credit to them all. Next week we are painting the scenes and this is a very

enjoyable day for everybody.

Older children completed t-shirts Puppet trousers Puppets and jeans waiting to be finished



We spent 2 days in Wandesforde school this week. The 1st day the children spent the morning painting their scenes and what a fantastic job they done. Mrs. Tracey's class painted stars and love hearts and used their hands dipped in paint to complete the picture. Ms. Dennehys class painted a giant clown and they used their feet dipped in paint to complete the picture. The children were excellent and worked well together as teams to get the job done. These scenes will be hung behind the children as they are performing on stage. On Thursday we went back to the school for more rehearsal's. As there is only a week left to showtime the children are now rehearsing hard to make sure they are ready to perform on stage. We also took time out and we performed some mimes for the children. They in turn performed the "Laughing Policeman " mime with us and it was very funny and a nice time to have with the children in the middle of all the hard work. Next week we go back for 2 days but after rehearsal's we hope to take time out and have some more fun with the children.

Mrs .Traceys class hard at work  Denis performing for the children

Ms.Dennehys class getting the job done  The children performing the laughing policeman



We are now into the final week in Wandesforde school. Where have the 10 week gone. On Monday the children all rehearsed together for the 1st time so they could see what the other classes learned to do over the last 10 weeks. The rehearsal went very well but the children still need some more rehearsal time for the show..The classes were very encouraging to each other which was great. After rehearsals we spent some time and got the children to dance through the different eras. The children waltzed. jived, did the Charleston, the french can can and modern dance. Great fun was had by all and everyone joined in. On Thursday we met the children again to rehearse the full show and all did well. We then let the children face paint one another with some unusual results but great fun. On Monday the children will be rehearsing on the stage with full lights and sound and then the show takes place in the evening. We hope it is going to be a great night for everyone - see you all there.

Surprise act Face painting Boys acting the "clown"



What a fantastic week in Wandesforde this week. On Saturday we arrived to set up the stage and lights in the hall. Then on Monday after setting up a few more things to do with the stage we spent the entire day rehearsing for the show in the evening. There was great excitement but also a lot of nerves from everyone. After the children went home they started to arrive back into school at 5.30 and at this point the school was transformed from a school into a small theater. We had dressing rooms for the children where the put on their stage makeup and applied the finishing touches to their costume's. There was great excitement and shortly the parents arrived with sandwiches and all sorts of goodies for after the show. Finally at 7.00pm it was showtime and what a show it was. The children were excellent and the audience participation was fantastic especially for "Polly Pecker" singing the birdie song. Mrs Tracey and Ms. Dennehy stole the show with their performance of "Goodness Gracious Me". All the children sang and danced their hearts out and along with the lights their costumes looked fantastic. After the show the atmosphere was electric and we ended the evening presenting the children with their FunkyKids Club Certificate of Excellence.

Children performing the lauging policeman The mad doctor and the patient Olivia resting on the FunkyKids Stage

Ready to go  The Puppets


That concludes our time in Wandesforde National School. It was a wonderful 10 weeks. We enjoyed working with Mrs.Tracey, Ms.Dennehy and with all the children. They done us and themselves proud. Until next year


See you all soon


Denis and Olivia