“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

The FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop has commenced in Burnchurch on 27/09/07


The School X-Mass show is on Wednesday 19th December at 1.00pm


Every Welcome


We thank the Board of Management, The Principal and her Staff and also the Parents for allowing the FunkyKids Club Workshop into the school.


Here is a week by week update of how the children are progressing.



We had our introductory meeting with the children and staff on Monday 24/09/07. They are a great bunch of children and it was great to meet them all. Two of the staff were nominated by the children to perform a song in the show at Christmas. On Thursday 27/09/07 we kicked off with the workshops. The children like all children were enthusiastic and rearing to go. We proceeded with learning our 1st song and dance with all the children and they all started cutting and drawing the shapes for their costumes. We played our speech and imagination games with everyone passing with flying colors. We are going to have a great 10 weeks with everyone in this school. Roll on.




We had a great time in Burnchurch this week. The children are fantastic. They all learned their 2nd song and they continued cutting their shapes for their t-shirts. It was a glorious day outside so we brought the children to play their games outside. The small children wanted another go at the "troll game" while the older children played with water and wits in their listening game. Their is a special visitor coming to the small children next week to play their imagination game and the children will also be starting to work on their "hand puppet" socks.




We are now into our 3rd week with the children. They are making great progress and are a joy to work with. For the moment we are just getting the children used to singing and dancing with their songs. The are also still cutting out pieces for their costumes and hand puppets. The older children done very well with their body game and the younger children had a visit from the "Great Wizard". In the next workshop the children will be starting to put together the 1st part of their costume. This is where the child's own creativeness kicks in as they will be designing it themselves. Keep watching.

Puppet on a string What do we do now? Listen to Oilivia "The Great Wizard"



We settled the children down today after 3 weeks of non stop fun and games. The children started the serious work of now learning their songs to a keyboard rather than a cd. We are also from now on are going to concentrate more on their dance movements. The children sang really well and as the weeks progress they should be excellent in time for the  X-Mass show. The children also started the serious work on the 1st part of their costume. They were told how to stick the pieces to their t-shirts but not where to stick them as we wanted them to use their own imagination. As you can imagine no 2 t-shirts are the same and the children done a great job. We are nearly at the half way mark and we hope the children are enjoying themselves. Happy Halloween.




We are now at the half way mark and we are in full rehearsal's. The teachers are taking some of the work into classroom so the children will be getting full attention for the x-mass show. Everything is going great but we will probably have to do some extra workshops in the school to make sure we complete everything that needs to be done - we are sure that the children will not mind. This week was puppet week. The children transformed their stockings into wonderful creations with even 2 puppets getting married - a bride and groom. The boys added mustaches and mullet hairstyles to their puppets and we also rehearsed 12 days of Christmas which should be very entertaining for the adults to see when it gets to stage.

us puppetts should stick together  I love you Another fine mess I'm in



The children are now progressing very well in Burnchurch with the most attention on singing and dancing at present. The children have now been taught most of their song and dance routines. The are bringing the remainder of their "make and do" into class. We have great singers in this school with lovely pleasant children. We also put the younger children with the older children for the 1st time to practice their finale and it worked very well.



Again this week the children worked very hard at their singing and dance routines. The children are doing extremely well and the are well on their way to staging a fantastic show at x-mass. Hopefully next week we will be able to get to do some fun and games with the children as they have been working very hard. The principal and teachers have undertaken to bring the remainder of the "make and do" into class which is a great help. See you all next week. Only 3 weeks to go.



We had an unusual week in Burnchurch this week as some of the teachers and also some of the children felt unwell however they were great children to rehearse under the circumstances. The older children recorded their Christmas wish. This will be played in the final scene of the show. The children used their own words and had no help or encouragement from the adults to say what they wanted to say. They are all lovely wishes and it should be fun for the parents/Guardians to each hear what their child is wishing for. The children are well rehearsed at this stage and so for the remaining weeks we hope to take time out with the children and have some fun.



We had a great week with the children this week. The children are so well rehearsed at this stage that we were able to take time out and have some fun. We performed some "mimes" for the children and they in turn tried a mime themselves to "The Laughing Policeman". It was a great laugh. Next week we hope to have the stage erected in the school so we can bring the 2 workshops together and start positioning thew children on stage. They will also be finishing their costumes and the children have also started other work in class for the show. We are getting very near show time now and we are looking forward to it. Keep up the good work children - well done.

 Coooooool t-shirt Im sick from laughing The Laughing Policeman

Having a good laugh



We are now into the final rehearsal's in Burnchurch school with the show being staged next week. The stage has been installed in the school and we were able to position the children and get the children used to walking on and of the stage for their different scenes. The children are excellent and are looking forward to staging the show. The Principal of the school is out sick - we wish Mrs. O Riordan a speedy recovery. The staff however have done a brilliant job making sure that everything is completed and in place for the show. We are very nervous as the school has staged exceptional performances in the school every year and we hope the FunkyKids show will be up to the usual high standard that the children in the school have done every year. On Monday we will erect the lights and we have a full day rehearsal in the school on Tuesday. The show is on Wednesday so fingers crossed it will be a great success.



On Monday we went in to the school to set up lights and sound and we got the surprise of our lives. The children and staff had changed the school into a Christmas wonderland. It was a brilliant job and a credit to everyone involved. On Tuesday we had one more rehearsal with the children to adjust them to lights and sound and although excitement was setting in with the children they performed with their usual high standard and with the tweaking of a few thongs we were done.

Wednesday - Show Time.

The atmosphere in the school was electric. We arrived at 11.30 and Olivia immediately got to work of transforming the children with their costumes and face paints. Denis had a sing song with the older children. At 12.30 the parents started to arrive and they were treated to mulled wine and mince pies. There was more than enough for the adults and children to eat and drink. Then the children put on the show and it was truly magical. The audience loved it and fully participated with the children throughout the show. The children were fantastic. Mrs. O Riordan unfortunately was not able to attend due to illness put she was on the phone throughout the show. It was a wonderful afternoon and the best run up to Christmas that anyone could ask for or expect. This completes our 10 week workshop in Burnchurch School. It was a wonderful time and we enjoyed it immensely. We are sorry that there are no pictures as our camera has not worked properly for some time - were hoping Santa will bring us a new one for Xmas.


Thanks to everyone in Burnchurch school - you all did yourselves proud.

See you soon


Denis and Olivia.