“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low



We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work in Clonegal National School.


We thank the Principal, Staff, The Board of Management and the Parents Association.


We hope the children enjoyed the experience and had a great time in The FunkyKids Club.


The show was staged in the Benmulhall G.A.A Center in Clonegal on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th March 2009


The shows were a memorable occasion for everyone involved.


Here is a week by week breakdown of what the children learned and achieved in these workshops.




We had a great start with all the children in this school this week. They are all wonderful and very enthusiastic children and it will be great fun working with them for the next 10 weeks. All the children started their imagination games and all did very well. The younger children were introduced to the very bold "Polly Pecker" and had a great laugh because she got bold the minute we took her out of her box. Denis also performed "helping hands" with the children and it was great fun only a little bit messy. All the children then started the 1st of their song and dance routines and all the children started the 1st of their preparation work on their costumes. We have pop stars, puppet's, zombies and more in this show so the children will have a lot to do and learn in the next few weeks. It was a wonderful start to the 10 week term and we are working in a fantastic hall that is adjacent to the school. Well done to all.



We are all starting to settle down now in Clonegal School and we had a great week with all the children. The teachers are a great help and being very encouraging to the children. The older children continued with their imagination games and they were given scenes to act out and perform to which is very entertaining to watch and challenging for the children. The younger children got to play their confidence games with "Polly" and we had great fun with "Polly" chasing after the children. All the children rehearsed their 1st song and dance routines with some of the classes having gone on to their 2nd song and dance routines. All the children continued with their preparation work for their costumes. We hope to finally have pictures from the workshops next week. Well done to all.



We had a great week of fun in Clonegal School this week. All the children are making fantastic progress on their singing, dancing and preparation work for their costumes. The children that are making hand puppet's for the show started the mouths for their puppet's and the children are now learning the songs that they will be performing with their puppet's. There was great fun with "Polly Pecker" this week with the young children performing on the sad and happy mats while the older children again performed to scenarios that were giving to them - in one incident Denis was pretending to be a hairdresser. The small children teddy's that are being made from pieces of felt to create an image for their costume is coming along very well and should be completed in the next two weeks. Most of the children will be starting their t-shirts for their costumes next week as they have their preparation work completed. This is a great time as the children's imagination really kicks in as the children are allowed to create and make their own design for their t-shirts. The children and staff are a joy to work with and fantastic progress is being made with great fun along the way.

 The small childrens teddy's 

Cutting shapes from foils that will be used on their costumes Learning their dance routines 



There is great progress being made in Clonegal School with the children. All the children are now on to their final song and dance routines. We had no time for games this week as we had a lot to do. All the children started their t-shirts for their costumes so it was a big week for the children. For the last few weeks the children were cutting and preparing shapes so they finally got to use these on their t-shirts. We tell the children what we want them to do but what they design on their t-shirts is entirely up to themselves and great imagination was used in every class as you can see from the photos below. The small children got to finish their teddy's for their t-shirts so next week the small children will be sticking these teddy's on. All the children got a look at the magic bell which was good fun. Their won't be time for games in the next few weeks as their is a lot for the children to concentrate on and do.





The weeks are flying bye in Clonegal school but fantastic progress is being made by all the children. All the children are now learning their final song and dance routines and they are doing great imaginative work with their costumes. The junior and senior infants got to meet "Olly" who unlike "Polly" is very shy and quiet. The children did a great job encouraging "Olly" into the workshop and made him very happy by talking and singing songs to him. It was a lovely sight to see these children with "Olly". Denis also performed a magic trick and the older children got some of their speech lessons with our tongue twisters. Next week the boys will be starting their trousers for their costume while the girls will be finishing their t-shirts.




This week again we had not any time for games with the children as their was a lot to be done. All the children are now learning the last of their song and dance routines so over the next few weeks we will just be rehearsing the song and dance routines over and over again. All the children are now singing live to the keyboards and not to a cd of the songs which is more challenging for the children. The children performed brilliantly to the keyboards and they will only get better. The games will also return later. The children completed their costumes and we are thrilled with the imagination and work that was done by all the children. The puppet and doll costumes look fantastic as do the small children's teddy shirts along with the zombie costumes. Next week some of the children are starting to make their hand puppets from the socks that they brought to the workshops and again this is a great time for the children to challenge their imaginations. The remainder of the children will be completing their costume.





This week the children completed their costumes and they look just fantastic. Some of the children also started their hand puppets and great imagination was used with creating different hairstyles for their puppet's. The children will get to work on their puppets for another week. We also had fun with story time where we tell a story and the children have to act out the differ ant roles. In this case it was Snow White so we had some interesting performances. Next week all the children will be painting their scenes for the show and it is one of our favorite days. We are looking forward to it.




This week all the children had a break from their singing and dancing. All the children painted their scenes for the show. These backdrops will be hung while the children are performing on stage. The children painted fantastic scenes and a great team effort was made from all the children and teachers to complete them. Some of the children dipped their hands in paint to make images on the scenes and the scenes do look brilliant. Next week the children will be finishing their hand puppets and from then on we will just be rehearsing the show. Well done to all.





We had a great week in Clonegal School this week. As all the "art and craft" is now complete we were able to do other things in the workshops this week with the children. We performed mimes for the children and the children also got to perform their own mime for us which was very entertaining. We also got to disco dance to some songs and it was great to see the children so outgoing and able to perform. The teachers also joined in which was good fun. All the children rehearsed their song and dance routines for the show. Next week the rehearsal's are moving to Benmulhall Center where the children will be staging their show. It will be the 1st time that the children will be performing to the other classes so the children will now get to see what the other classes were doing in the FunkyKids Club for the last 10 weeks. We are getting near to showtime now and we have no doubt that the children will put on an outstanding performance.




This week we assembled the stage and lights in the Ben MulHall G..A.A Center where the children are staging their show. The children had 3 full rehearsal's on stage this week and very good rehearsal's we had. All the children finally got to see what the other classes are performing in the show and it was all very exciting. The first night of rehearsal was very noisy and it was hard to keep the children focused but this is to be accepted as the children are now rehearsing their show in new surroundings on the stage with full light's and sound and the children tend to get very excited. However we got to rehearse the full show. The 2nd nights rehearsal was fantastic and went much smoother and all the children performed their heats out. We also got to sort out some minor issues to complete the show. The 3rd rehearsal was on Saturday morning and full credit is due to the Parents and the children along with the staff for giving up their Saturday morning to rehearse the show. After the rehearsal we took some time out for the children to dance around and have some fun. The children were also given their costumes for the shows. We are very pleased with the children and hopefully you will have a fantastic nights entertainment next Thursday and Friday - Bring it onnnnnn!




What a wonderful occasion the shows were in Clonegal this week . On Thursday the children staged the 1st of the two shows and it was just fantastic. The atmosphere, the performance and the audience were just excellent. At around 5.00pm the 1st of the children arrived to get their face make up applied and it was a non stop effort from the teachers and staff to get all 110 children prepared for the show. The children also looked fantastic as it was the 1st time we got to see the children dressed in their costumes that they made over the 10 week term. The children were very excited and ready to stage a great show and boy did the children hit the mark. They danced and sang their hearts out and the audience loved every minute of it. On Friday the children staged the 2nd show and it was equally as successful as the 1st show. It was a credit to everyone involved. When the show was over their was a hint of sadness from ourselves and o lot of the children.

Waiting to go on stage  

The dolls and puppetts performing  



That concludes our 10 week term in Clonegal National School. We thank everybody that helped bring and stage the FunkyKids in Clonegal School. It was a joy to work with the children and staff every week and we take fond memories of these children with us. Every week with the children was a laugh and great fun. We are also very proud of the weaker children that went on to achieve so much in The FunkyKids Club. We are proud to present these children with the FunkyKids Club Certificate of Excellence. We hope we have the opportunity to work with you all again in the near future. Until then

God Bless

Denis and Olivia