“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

We were delighted to have had The FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop back in Drumphea National School for a 2nd term.


We thank the Principal, Staff, The Board of Management and the Parents Association.


We hope the children enjoyed the experience.


The show was staged in the school hall on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th December 2008 @ 7.00pm


Here is a week by week breakdown of what the children achieved and learned over the 10 weeks.



We are delighted to be back in Drumphea National School and it was a joy to see everyone again. The show this time will be very different to the last show that we done and it will be more challenging for the children. We did not need any introductions so we were able to get straight to work with the children. There was great excitement from the children and we can only presume that it was because we were back in the school again. Ms. Ryan's class played their imagination games and got to work straight away on their 1st song. The children then went on to cutting their shapes for their costume and finally  "Polly Pecker" arrived to say hello. However Polly is gone extremely bold since last time and we have to be careful or the children could pick up some bad manners. Mrs. Fitzgerald's class and Mr. Carney's class also started their 1st song and the preparation work for their costumes. They also played "Chinese whisper" which is a listening game to which the teachers said they could have no homework if they succeeded but unfortunately for the children they failed. We are sure over the coming weeks however the children will complete the Chinese whisper game.



We are now well and truly up and running for a 2nd term in Drumphea and it is a joy. Again all the classes were involved in their imagination games with the older children been given scenarios to act out and perform to. It was great fun. The young children are now being helped by the older children with their make and do and great team work is being shown by the older children as it gives them a sense of responsibility, All the children are singing and performing very well

 Hard at work Hi



All the children are doing brilliant work in Drumphea school. All the children completed their preparation work for their costumes so next week they will be applying this work to their costumes. Next week is a great week for the children as they now get to use their own ideas to create their costumes. The have been given materials to work with but how they design with these materials is entirely up to themselves. The help of the senior children was greatly appreciated to the small children in helping them prepare their Santa's for their costume. The older children are all learning their song and dance routines very well however their is still a lot to be done. So far so good.

 Cutting bones for their costumes How many circles do we need?



This was a big week for the children in the school this week as all the children after 3 weeks of preparation got to start their costumes. On the small children's t-shirts the Santa's that the children made from felt and cotton wool turned out brilliant when stuck to their costume. The ghosts in Mrs.Fitzgerald's class also got to assemble the shapes unto their costume and Mr. Carney's class did very imaginative things with the bones that they were cutting out for the last 3 weeks. All the children used great imagination and the designs are entirely their own. All the classes have now only 1 song and dance to learn so everything is going to plan. We are very proud of the children in this school as they are putting their heart into their performance and it is a joy to see. Denis magic was not very good and the children told him he needs to practice.

Note the Santas Ghost Costume taking shape Them Bones, Them bones 



It is hard to believe that we are at the half way mark in Drumphea but we are delighted to say that everything is going according to plan. We took time out for the children to perform on their sad and happy mats and Denis also performed some magic for the younger children. Ms. Ryan's class also performed for Mr. Carney's class and did a splendid job and it was a big challenge for them. Mrs Fitzgerald's class got to rehearse in their ghost costume and they also had their 1st rehearsal with the bells. All the children are singing their hearts out at this stage and it is very rewarding to hear. All the children have completed the 2nd week of their costumes and they are all looking great and totally individual. Next week completes the costumes and after that the children will be making and painting the scenes. Well done to all.

 Santa's lookin good Look at the ghosts



What a fantastic week in Drumphea School this week. Although it poured rain all day and the children were confined to indoors there was still a lovely atmosphere and great fun to be had. The children got to perform for the different classes today so all the children got a glimpse of what the other classes were singing and performing in the other workshops and it was very encouraging to see the children young and old perform so well for each other. Mr. Carney's did a brilliant job on their 1st rehearsals of Do - A - Dear from the sound of music. There is a very Irish twist to this song and you will have to see the song performed in the show to realize what we are talking about. All the children completed their costumes today and next they will be going on to paint their scenes. We also had fun acting out fairytale stories with all the children willing to perform. We now have our Halloween break so we return to the school in 2 weeks time. Happy Halloween to all.




This week after the Halloween break the children took time out from singing and dancing and painted their scenes for the show. These backdrops will be hung at the back of the stage during the different performances that the children will stage. Scene day is our favorite day as it is a lovely relaxed day where the children work together as a team and paint all day. The children are given guidelines to work with but on the borders of the scene they are allowed to do their own creation and draw what they wish. The children in Ms. Ryan's class dipped their hands in paint and the children in Mr. Carney's class drew and then painted their hand prints. It was a lovely day and well done to the children for being patient and for working so well together.





We are all making fantastic progress in Drumphea school and the children are well on their way to staging a fantastic show for you all. This week we got all the children together to work out our routine for the finale of Christmas songs as up until now the children were rehearsing these songs separately so it was great to see them all come together to complete the scene and we were delighted with the results. This week the children also started working on the Christmas backdrop. The entire school is making a scene with hundreds of pieces of material to make a picture. We have not done this in our workshops before so it was a real challenge for us all and again the results are excellent with the children doing a fantastic job. Not much time for games as there is still a lot to be done however "Polly Pecker" escaped into the hallway and disrupted the younger children in class and had Denis running around like a lunatic after her.




The children finished their Christmas backdrop and they all did a splendid job. We are very proud of the complete job and it looks fantastic as the children put in some great work assembling the picture using hundreds of pieces of material to make the image. All the children are singing and dancing their hearts out and are more than ready for their show. Mrs. Fitzgerald's class performed in front of Mr. Carney's class and a bit of stage fright set in which is only natural but they all did very well. The children all got to see the full bell routine for the 1st time and the all had a go at ringing the magic bell. Mrs. Fitzgerald said there would be no homework for the child that succeeded in ringing the bell but however none of the children could as it is a "magic bell". We are very proud of the children in Drumphea school and the work and effort that the staff have put in has been wonderful. We are getting very near showtime now.

 Notice all the peices of material to make up the image. 



We had a nice relaxing day in Drumphea school this week and it was the last day of separate workshops. On Monday next we move in to the school with the stage and all the lighting and sound equipment and we have two full rehearsals with all the children on Tuesday and Thursday of next week in preparation for their show the week after. The children are performing their hearts put so we got a chance today to play games with the children and it was good fun. Denis also got to perform for the children his "love song" that is for Olivia. Its a unique love song and you will have to ask the children what it is about.However Olivia did pour water over Denis head as a thank you - all in good fun. Next week is our last week and we are excited about Drumphea's show. Hopefully it will be a great success.



On Monday of this week we erected our stage and our lighting and sound system in Drumphea school in preparation for the show next week. We had our 1st full rehearsal with the children on stage on Tuesday and we were very pleased with the final result. On Thursday we had a 2nd full rehearsal with the all the children and2 again the children performed brilliantly.

We too time out to dance with all the children and we all had great fun dancing "through the ages". We also got to see Mr. Carney and Ms. Ryan perform their mime for the 1st time and we got Mrs. Fitzgerald to agree to go on stage with Denis for a mime. If she goes on stage next week for the show - we will all have to wait and see. On Monday we have the 1st of our shows and we are looking forward to it immensely. The children are fantastic and rearing to go so enjoy the show everyone and we will be showing you photos from the show next week.----------------Bring it on.



On Monday morning we had our final rehearsal with the children using full lights and sound and there was great excitement from everyone in anticipation for their show in the evening. The rehearsal went great and all was left to do was hope that the children would be in great form for their show starting that evening.

At 5.45 the children started to arrive in full costume and it was fantastic to see all the children dressed in their own costumes as we all had not seen the children wearing their costumes. It was also a surprise for the children themselves to see each other dressed up and it was great fun. All the children were then face painted  in preparation for their show and it was a patient wait for the show to commence. Everyone had some nerves and then to a full house we started the 1st of our shows and the children were fantastic. The colour, effort and performance was fantastic. The teachers were excellent performing their mimes and all the children young to old sang and performed their hearts out.

On Tuesday we had the 2nd of our performances again to a full house and again the show and atmosphere was fantastic. We presented the children with their FunkyKids Club Certificates of Excellence and we were proud to give them to the children.

Most of these children in Drumphea school have now achieved their 2nd gold star on the Certificate.

 Our ghosts Rearing to go

Getiing make up applied  An empty FunkyKids Club Stage

A full chourous on stage



That completes our 2nd 10 week term in Drumphea School. The children and staff were a joy to work with and a pleasure to get to know. We looked forward to meeting the children every Thursday and we are sad to say goodbye. We are very proud of all the children and we will look forward to working with you all in 2010. Till then look after yourselves and God Bless.


Denis and Olivia