“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low



We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the children in Gusserane.


We thank the Parents Association and the Parents for bringing The FunkyKids Club to the children in the area.


We hope the children enjoyed The FunkyKids Club experience.


The show "Lets get Funky" was staged in Gusserane Hall on

Thursday 26th and Friday 27th March 2009.

A great nights entertainment was had by all.


Here is a week by week breakdown of what the children learned and achieved in this workshop.




We had a great start with all the children in Gusserane this week. This is a public workshop that is being organized by the Parents Association of Gusserane National School. It was great to meet all the children for the 1st time and they are all wonderful and very enthusiastic children and it will be great fun working with them for the next 10 weeks. All the children started their imagination games and all did very well. The younger children were introduced to the very bold "Polly Pecker" and had a great laugh because she got bold the minute we took her out of her box. Denis also performed "helping hands" with the children and it was great fun only a little bit messy. All the children then started the 1st of their song and dance routines and all the children started the 1st of their preparation work on their costumes. We have teddy bears and puppet's in this show so the children will have a lot to do and learn in the next few weeks. The children will also be making puppets from  stockings. It was a wonderful start to the 10 week term and we are working in a fantastic hall that is adjacent to the school. Well done to all.



It was another great week with all the children in Gusserane and the children are a joy to work with. The parent's involved are a great help. The older children continued with their imagination games and they were given scenes to act out and perform to which is very entertaining to watch and challenging for the children. The younger children got to play their confidence games with "Polly" and we had great fun with "Polly" chasing after the children. All the children rehearsed their 1st song and dance routines and then moved on to their 2nd song and dance routines. All the children continued with their preparation work for their costumes. The younger children's teddy's that they are going to put on their costume are coming along great and we are anxious to see what the end result will look like. We hope to finally have pictures from the workshops next week. Well done to all.



The children are making fantastic progress in Gusserane and they are wonderful children to work with. We look forward to Gusserane every week. This week the smaller children again played their self confidence skills with "Polly" on our sad and happy mats. The older children were again given funny scenarios to work out and perform and they also played our team work games where children have to give good instructions to the partners. All the children have now progressed to their 3rd song and dance routines and all the children made the mouths for the puppets that they will be making in the coming weeks. All the children got a taste of Denis and performing his bad magic.

Hard at work  Making the mouths for the puppetts

  Learning their song and dance routines



This week the children had fun with "Polly Pecker" and they also got to see Denis's bad magic wands that keep falling apart. All the children are doing very well with their song and dance routines. The younger children continued with their teddies that they will be sticking to their t-shirt while the older children started to work on their t-shirts. This is a great time for the children as they get to design and create their own t-shirts from the pieces of foil that the have been cutting for the last number of weeks for their costumes. Great imagination can be used and the older children's t-shirts look fantastic. They will continue to work on these t-shirts for the next two weeks.



The children are the best children in Gusserane and it is a pleasure to work with them every week. The younger children got to meet and play with "Olly" who is very shy so the children have to try and help him overcome his shyness. The children sang and dance songs for "Olly" and made him feel very relaxed and friendly. The small children got to start their t-shirts and they look fantastic with the teddy's stuck to the t-shits that they have been working on for the last few weeks. Denis also performed a magic trick for the children over a very reluctant adults head. The older children have now started to learn the last 2 of their hardest songs and they all are singing very well. Thanks to the parent's that attend the workshops every week who are a great help.

 The older children's costume Very busy people hard at work 

The young children's costume



This week again we had not any time for games with the children as their was a lot to be done. All the children are now learning the last of their song and dance routines so over the next few weeks we will just be rehearsing the song and dance routines over and over again. All the children are now singing live to the keyboards and not to a cd of the songs which is more challenging for the children. The games will also return later. The children completed their costumes and we are thrilled with the imagination and work that was done by all the children. The puppet and doll costumes look fantastic as do the small children's teddy shirts. Next week the children are starting to make their hand puppets from the socks that they brought to the workshops and again this is a great time for the children to challenge their imaginations.




The children are doing brilliant work in Gusserane. They are making great progress on their singing and dancing and they all have completed their costume. This week all the children started their hand puppets and again great imagination was used. We have puppets with long hair, short hair, puppets with glasses, mustaches , beards and everything else imaginable. Next week the children will be dressing their puppets



The children are making fantastic progress in Gusserane. All the costumes and puppets are now complete and the children are singing and dancing very well. This week we took some time out to dance and mess about and it was great fun. The adults joined in also. Next week the children are taking a break from singing and dancing and they are all painting their scenes for their show. It is a great evening and involves a lot of teamwork from the children.




We are now into our final rehearsals so this week we took time out with the children and they painted their scenes for the show. These scenes will be hung from the back of the stage while the children are performing. There was excellent teamwork and patience from the children and the scenes look fantastic. The parents that were present in the workshops were also a great help. The children also got to dip their hands in paint to create images on the scenes and it was great fun. Next week the children in both workshops are coming together for the 1st time to perform for one another. I t is a great time as the children will now be giving the challenge to perform what they have learned to other children that have not seen them yet so it will help any child that is nervous and self conscious.





This week we had all the children together for the 1st time so all the children got to see what the other children were doing in the other workshops. We also rehearsed with the children in the main hall where the children are staging the show. This is so they will get used to their new surroundings. The rehearsal went well and in the next few days we will be assembling the stage with the lights and sound for the children to have one last rehearsal before the shows. We also took time out to show the children different dances such as waltz, can can, ballet and jive and it was great fun. All the adults joined in and it was a brilliant fun time before the serious rehearsal start for the show



On Tuesday we set all the equipment up in the hall and we had the stage and lights ready for the children to have their last rehearsal before the shows on Thursday and Friday. The rehearsal went well although the children were a bit bewildered by all the lights and equipment and they did not perform as well as usual because of the distractions. This happens all the time and this is why we have as many rehearsals as possible on stage with the children so they well get used to this environment. Everything is now ready for the show so children - break a leg.

On Thursday the 1st of the children arrived in costume to have their stage make up applied and from then on it was non stop to have all the children ready for stage by 7.oopm. It is some sight watching all the children arrive in their costume as we do not get to see this until the 1st show. The colour and design were amazing. The hall was full and at 7.00pm we started our shows. The children were just fantastic and the audience loved the shows. The puppet's and mimes were also were entertaining along with the parents that joined the children on stage for "the laughing policeman". On Friday the children had there 2nd show and although the children were more wound up than the previous night the children were equally outstanding. Polly Pecker appeared to say goodbye to the children and also had some fun with the audience and again the hall was packed to the rafters. At the end of the show we were proud to present the children with their FunkyKids Club Certificates of Excellence. There was also tears from some children because The FunkyKids Club was now over in Gusserane.

All ready to go on stage  The great finale

  I am the Mimic Man


We want to tank everyone involved in The FunkyKids Club in Gusserane for a wonderful 10 weeks of pure fun. The children were a joy to work with for the 10 weeks and we are very proud of the brilliant show that the staged for 2 nights. It could not have been achieved without the Parents Association.

We will miss you all and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2011


God Bless

Denis and Olivia