“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

This present FunkyKids workshop in Scoile Mhuire gan Smal is now complete.

Here is a week by week update of what the children learned and achieved in this workshop.


Please go to our feedback page to read comments from the children, the parents and the teachers that were involved in this workshop.


We thank Mrs. O Carroll, her staff, The Parents Association and the Board of Management for allowing The FunkyKids Club into the school. It is a great success.


The schools show "Brilliant" was held in the Abbey Hall Graignamanagh

25th, 26th, 27th June 07 @ 7.00pm Sharp

The show SOLD OUT for all 3 nights



Week 1

On Tuesday we started our workshop with the Junior infants, Senior infants and First class. We started with a lively singing and dancing warm up and then went on to teach them their Finale song and one of the songs that they will be preforming in the show. After a half an hour of learning their singing and dance routines we started make and do, eg. wands, cutting out stars, moons, flowers, headpieces. It was a great 1st session and the students were fantastic.

On Wednesday we started our workshop with the Second class, Third class, Fourth class, Fifth class and Sixth class. Their warm up was every bit as lively as the first day and we can only hope to make this all the more lively and exciting as the weeks go by. A few shy children here but by the end of the workshops we were all getting to know each other. We had some lovely puppets, dolls on boxes, Eric Cantona's and pop stars. Make and do was interesting with the older classes.

Week 2

The children are settling in very well and great progress is been made already. Mrs Foley's class recorded their voices for a part of their scene and they have now been given the challenge of working in 3 groups to come up with their own dance routine. Ms. Gleeson and Ms. Murphy's class have now sorted their dance positions on stage and are progressing very well. What can be said about Ms. O Mullane's puppets (mnamna) Mrs O Carrolls are "going on holidays" and Ms. Purcells class are doing magic.

Shakers for Punk Rocker Song Start of Hand Puppetts Hard at work What do we do now 

Practising their puppets  Fairy wings Wizard hats  Flowers for Summer Scene

Start of pop t-shirts   

Week 3

The workshop is going extremely well. Everyone would seem to be enjoying it and great progress is been made with the children that were nervous to start with. All the classes have now progressed to their 2nd song and some of the classes have started to sing their songs live (not to a CD).  Mrs Foley's class have done an excellent job in putting their dance together with no help to "We are all in this together".  Mrs O Carroll's class are also doing extremely well in learning their Spanish song. Congratulations to all. 7 weeks left. 

Puppets taking shape  Cool t-shirt Guess who Are these two suppose to be working

 Dolls and puppetts practising Girls hard at work Pirates taking shape "youv'e got a friend in me"

Class hard at work on their t-shirts Tree costume taking shape Tee's


Every class is now going extremely well with all classes now having gone on to their 2nd song. All classes are well on their way to getting their costumes finished in time and all classes have used great imaginations with what they have done with their costumes. They are all looking fantastic. Mrs Foley's class have done very well in putting their own dance to their song. Next week we are taking time out to try something different with the students (we hope it will be fun. It certainly will be different) and we are going for a walk with Ms. Purcell's boys to try find some wizards staffs.

A great "Scuba Dice" warm up this week. Everyone playing guitars, drums and singing.

Wrapping it up Going through their paces "Dolls" finishing their t-shirts Stepping it out

Fairy wands Having a "Maybe" moment. Hands in the air - rock-a-bye bear


We are now at the half way mark and well on our way to staging a fantastic show at the end of June. We have progressed so well that we were able to take time out and explore other dances. We went back to the 1800's and waltzed to " The Blue Danude" we then went to the 1920's and danced the "Charleston" from there it was Paris in the 40's so we danced the "cancan" and last we visited the 50's and "jived" to Elvis. It was great fun for all with the teachers award for "jiving" going to Ms. O Mullane and Mrs o Carroll. On voting all the children decided that "jiving" and the "cancan" was the most fun. As part of our work shop Ms. Purcell's boys went to the wood in search of Wizards staffs which they found. And Mrs O Carroll's class attacked their trousers with a scissors. Thanks to 6th class girls for taking time out later in the day to help in working on the wizards staffs.

Waltzing The "cancan" Ms O Mullane is in their somewhere doing her thing This lot decided to fall asleep 

Coming together - note costumes taking shape  Wizard boys returning from their adventure in the wood with their staffs Mrs Doyle making herself useful Mrs O Carroll double checking - whats on her mind 


All the classes have now progressed to rehearsing their 3rd and final song. Some of the classes have gone on to make the last pieces of their costumes. The children are doing a great job performing their songs "live" (without the use of a cd). We have allocated the 6th class girls the project of producing the program for the show under the guidance of Mrs. Foley and 4th and 5th class girls under the guidance of Miss O Mulanne have been given the project of putting together the display of photographs in the hall so people will have plenty to see on the nights that they are attending the shows. All of these projects are been done in class (outside of the FunkyKids workshop) and we are looking forward to seeing the results. It was also "leaked" to us that it was Ms. Gleesons birthday so we arranged the entire school to gather, unknown to her, under the staff room window and sing happy birthday to her while she was having lunch. It was a great fun moment however Ms. Gleeson is out for revenge. You can see from the pictures below that costumes and dancing are definitely taking shape.

Puppets doing their thing Puppets making their wigs Fairy's touching up costumes Wizards capes

"on my way from misery to happiness today" The end of another lively day.


We had a very enjoyable week in the school. We face painted all the children and they had brilliant fun. The idea behind it was so that the teachers and helpers would be prepared and be able to make up all 165 children for the 3 nights of the show so this was considered a trial run and everyone passed with flying colours (literally). We also performed some comedy "mime" for the children. We performed "Laurel and Hardy", "Peter Sellers - Goodness gracious me" and "The Laughing Policeman". The biggest laugh prize had to go to Ms. Gleeson who we though would not be able to recover for the rest of the day from laughing. All the children then performed their own mime to The Laughing Policeman and it was a sight to behold. We are now on the countdown with only 3 workshops left to showtime.

101 Dalmations Rehersing the Finale Mrs. Doyle getting a make over Denis and Olivia doing their mime

Mime to The Laughing Policeman Spiderman rescues the ladies Audiance for mime The children doing their own mime to The Laughing Policeman

Week 8

This week the children in the school painted their stage scenes. There were six scenes to be painted in total and the results were outstanding. The difference is that these sets were not only painted with brushes the children used their hands and feet as well. It was very organized and the children behaved extremely well. You will only be able to see the finished results at the show. For the final 2 weeks of the workshop we will just be constantly rehearsing the song and dance routines as all their make and do preparation is now finished. We are getting close to showtime and everyone is getting a bit jittery at this stage which is all the more reason that it well be a fantastic show.

Star being filled with hands hard at work A proud bunch - and so they should be Covering hands in paint

Washing of feet


Sorry - we forgot the camera. We had 2 intense days with every class this week as we now have started to bring them to the hall where the children are staging their show. We were able to go through some sound checks and finalize what the children are singing live (not singing along to a cd). We also had to spend a lot of time positioning the children on stage with a lot of moving about to get the positioning right so that all the children on stage can be seen - not an easy task. Overall it was a great 2 days and we can all now see were the childrens hard work is coming to and how the show is going to come together on the nights. We were informed of 1 child that we were told had a restless night because he was going to be practising on stage but he got through the reherasals with flying colours. Next week we are going back to the hall for more rehersals. Monday 25th is now sold out with tickets selling very well for the other 2 nights.


We spent Tuesday and Wednesday morning with the entire school in the Abbey Hall rehersing the show. It was an unbeliviable sight and to see the last 10 weeks of work and fun come together and blend so well was a great achievement for everybody. The children also for the 1st time got to see what all the other classes had done in the workshops as we were working with each class seperatly up until now. We are meeting the teachers on Thursday just to go through any final details with a final rehersal (with lights and sound) on Monday morning and then the 1st of the shows kick off at 7pm on Monday evening. Anyone attending the show will have a great evening and we know that the children will put on a performance of a lifetime for you all.

We will have pictures from the show on the web site next week. Everyone - "break a leg".


Show-Time. We had the best 3 nights of a show. The children were splendid and looked so confident and happy on stage. Everything could not have went better than it did and the audience reaction was fantastic. We had a full house for the 3 shows and the encouragement from the audience was great. It has just been a brilliant 10 weeks and could not have been done without the commitment and involvement from the principal and the teachers. Below are some photos from the show.Click on the photos for a larger view. You can download and print these photos to keep as a memoir of the stgae show.




On thursday we had our end of show party with the children. The children were presented with their FunkyKids Club medal of excellance. We also had a visit from Shirley Temple! The school presented us with 2 apple trees which will be a lovely reminder of our time spent in Scoile Mhuire gan Small. We reinacted all the songs from the show with the teachers clearly enjoying it as much as the children. There were some tears from everybody. All in all -  it was a fantastic time. The FunkyKids have set and achieved a standard in Scoile Mhuire gan Smal and we now want to bring the same level to all the future schools we will be working in. From the cards and notes that we have recieved from the children and their parents we now know that the children learned and achieved far more than we antisapated and for that reason we now know that the FunkyKids Club Creative Workshop is a success.


Thanks to everybody in Scoil Mhuire gan Smal. See you all again next year



Denis and Olivia.