“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

We were delighted to be back working with the children in Skeaugh for a 3rd time.


We thank the The Parent's Association, The School Board of Management and the parents for having the FunkyKids in the area again.


The show was staged in Goresbridge Hall on the 15th and 16th December 2009


A great evenings entertainment was had and the children provided wonderful entertainment


We hope the children had a brilliant time for the last 10 weeks.


Here is a weekly update of what the children learned and achieved in this workshop.



It is wonderful to be back in the Skeaughvausteen for a 3rd time and the children are as vibrant and as brilliant as ever. We are introducing a brand new show which includes Elvis, astronauts and Abba We all have a challenging time ahead for the next 10 weeks. We  started and played some role playing games with all the children and all the children started their preparation work for their costumes and they all started their 1st song and dance routines. It was a great evening and a great start and we will all have a great time.



This week the children continued with their preparation work for their costume and also continued with learning their song and dance routines. The younger children got to meet "Polly Pecker" and they had some fun with her while she chased them around the floor. The older children had a go with "Chinese Whisper" and also tried to rescue the princess from the dragon. These games are good fun and they encourage the child's listening and speaking skills. The children along with their normal scenes they are also coming together to do funny scenes for the shows. We also started to rehearse some of these with the children and they should be very entertaining.




The 2nd workshop children are now finished their preparation work so they will be starting their costume next week. All the workshops are progressing well with their singing and dancing routines.  We concentrated very heavily on the two last workshops this week to make headway on their singing and dancing as they have very challenging pieces. All the children also acted out Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.This is very entertaining and challenging for the children as they instantly have to act the part as the story is being read. Next week we hope to return to the games and hopefully we will have some images for you also. The children are fantastic and working hard for us as usual.



The children are making fantastic progress every week in Skeaugh. The younger children in particular are singing their hearts out. The 2nd workshop children have now started their t-shirts and they will look fantastic for the moon scene. The 1st workshop children have now their teddy's complete so next week the children will be sticking these to their t-shirts. The 3rd workshop children are still working on their ABBA letters so we hope to complete these next week. We did not have much time for games this week as their was a lot to be done. Hopefully we will catch up with these games in the next few weeks. Well done to you all.




It is a joy to work with the children in Skeaugh every week. We are now at the halfway stage and great progress is being made with this challenging show. The young children are singing their hearts out for us while the other children are doing very well as they are difficult dance routines to be learned. The 2nd workshops costumes look fantastic and the 3rd workshop children will finally get to start their t-shirts next week as the have their ABBA letters ready to go. We got to show the children some magic tricks and it was good fun. A lot still to be done in Skeaugh but we have no doubt that the children will as usual stage a brilliant show.




The children are now well and truly on their way to staging a great show for you all at Christmas. All the children have now nearly completed their costumes and the imagination and colour used is fantastic. The ABBA costumes are also looking fantastic and the children have really captured the ABBA age and look with their costume. Our astronauts are also taking shape and the junior infants can be very proud of the Santa Claus costume also. We used different techniques this time in the make and do such as marble painting the t- shirts and we also worked a lot with glitter to create different effects and we are delighted with the effort the children made and with the results that the children achieved. Next on the agenda is to get the big screens painted and we hope to get these completed when we return after the Halloween break. The children also played some more self confidence games this week and the Junior infants did a fantastic job of welcoming the very shy "Olly the monkey" into the class.




How the weeks are flying in Skeaugh and the children are doing fantastic work. This week we painted the screens that hang behind the children as they are performing on stage. Every screen has a different theme and it takes a lot of patience and teamwork from the children to get them painted. On the moon scene we have used a lot of fluorescent paint that will glow in the dark under UV lights so the effect should be very interesting. The older children made their ABBA scene from a collage of different foils to make an image. Again it was a different technique that we have not tried before. The children did a fantastic job and you will be able to see their achievements in the show. Well done to all and thanks to the parents that attend every week to help out.





The children got to complete their costumes this week and they just look fantastic. We are thrilled with the effort and imagination that was used. The moon scene and the ABBA scene costumes are just brilliant. This week the children also performed to the keyboards and they did extremely well as the children are now singing live and not to a cd. We still have a lot to do as the shows are getting closer now but at least from next week we will be able to concentrate on our singing and dancing routines. Well done to all the children you are all doing brilliant work.




This week because the children have finished their costumes we were able to take time out and have some fun with the children. We played some of our scenario games and also did some disco dancing that was good fun. The older children got to use their face off masks for the 1st time and it was challenging for them. Hopefully over the next few weeks the children will get used to these masks. We also did some mimes for the older children and they in turn done some mimes for us which was good fun. Next week we are starting to bring the workshops together to start the final preparations for the shows. We have never staged this show before so we are nervous about it but hopefully the children will walk the boards and make us all proud.