“I have to say that it has been one of the most professional, enjoyable and creative extra curricular activities that the school ever engaged in. I highly recommend them” 

Principal, Drumphea National School Garry hill Co. Car low

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work with the children in Slieverue National School.


We thank the Principal, staff. the Parents Association and the Parents for bringing The FunkyKids Club to the children in the school


We hope the children enjoyed The FunkyKids Club experience.


The show was staged in Abbey Collage on 24th, 25th and 26th June 2009



The shows were a wonderful occasion and a great achievement to everyone involved


Here is a week by week breakdown of what the children learned and achieved in this workshop.



This is a wonderful school with very lively and wonderful children in it. There are a lot of activities in this school for the children so they are well used to performing but hopefully we can add to this and give the children an experience to remember. We are working in the school on 3 days every week so there is a lot to be done. This week we met all the children and after our introduction we immediately got to work. For the 1st few weeks of The FunkyKids Club we play games that help the children with their performing and self confidence skills and all the children participated in these game without a bother. All the children started the preparation work for their costumes such as cutting shapes etc, that will be glued on to their costumes over the next few weeks. All the children started their 1st song and dance routines also. All the younger children had a laugh with the very bold "Polly Pecker". We now break for the Easter break for 2 weeks and we look forward to returning to the school - enjoy the holidays everyone.



We are now well and truly up and running in Slieverue school and the children are settling in great. This week the younger children had a challenge with "Polly Pecker" and the older children continued with the scenario games and they did very well. It was good fun watching the children performing some of these games. All the children rehearsed their 1st song and dance routines and also started to learn their 2nd song and dance routines. The children in this school a great singers so we want to use these voices to their best. We had a lot of fun today and all the children continued with their preparation work for their costumes. In the show we have pop stars, puppets, ghosts, zombies, flowers and trees. All the children had another go of the Chinese whisper game but however we have still not had a class that completed the challenge.





The children are just fantastic in Slieverue school and great progress is being made. The younger children got to meet the very shy "Olly" and they did a great job of making him feel welcome. We also had some good fun with tongue twisters with some of the children helping Denis to perform some opera to them which was great fun. We also played the blind game which is a great game for talking and listening skills. Denis and Olivia also had a go with insistence from the children. All the classes have now progressed to their 3rd song and dance routines but their is still a lot to be done. The children also continued with their preparation for the start of their costumes next week.




This is an excellent school and it is a joy to work with the children and staff every week. This week was a big week and when the FunkyKids Club really kicks in as all the children started designing and making their costumes this week. We supply all the materials and tell the children what to do but what they design on their t-shirt is up to themselves and they are allowed to be as creative as they want to. Great imagination was used from everybody and the costumes will look fantastic when completed in about 3 weeks time. We have puppet's, zombies, ghosts, rock stars etc so you can imagine how children will design their costumes from all that. It is some sight to see so many children working intensely on their costumes and they all have such pride in their work. We also got to show the children some magic and we continued with the blind game. Next week the children will continue with their costumes and we will now be getting the children to concentrate more on their singing and dancing routines. Well done to all.





What a wonderful week we had in Slieverue school this week. We performed some magic for all the children and all the children had a go at ringing the magic bell with only one child in the whole school able to figure out how to ring it. The children also performed for us on the sad and happy mats and it was great fun watching the children act out their stories. It proved to us how outgoing these children are and that it is no problem for the most of these children to stand up and tell a story. All the classes have now started their costumes and the colour and imagination is fantastic. The children will spent the next two weeks making their costume but will not be able to wear them until the 1st show. All the classes have now finished their 3rd song and dance routines and are performing very well. Next week we will be introducing the live music to the children and this will challenge the children's ability. We also had fun on Friday with 6th class as the Junior infant class came in for a look. However they stayed for the whole workshop and it was good fun. Thanks to Ms. Grant for landing the children and deserting them with ourselves and Mrs. Power.





The weeks are flying by and it is hard to believe that the shows are only a few weeks away. We had not time this week for games as there was a lot to be done. All the classes continued with their costumes and they are looking fantastic. The children also sang to the keyboards (which supplies the music live) for the 1st time and we must say that all the children came up to the challenge. Their singing was fantastic. All we have to concentrate now is that the children know all the words of the songs by show time. We also finished the last of the dance routines with some of the children so this will give the children plenty of time to rehearse. We met with all the staff today also to talk about the final plans for the show. These will come together over the next few weeks. I t is a joy to work in this school and we are enjoying our stay here immensely. Thank you all.




This week all the children finished their costumes and we are delighted with the wonderful effort all the children made. The colour and dazzle at the shows will be fantastic. The two classes that are doing puppet's started to make then today. We have funny puppet's, serious puppet's and puppet's made with a lot of imagination. Mrs. Power allowed 6th class in to help 1st class with their puppet's. The puppets are very funny and you are in for a real treat when you see them in the show. We also took time out to do some disco dancing with the children and it was great fun. We are on a mid term break next week so children enjoy the holiday.





This week we took time out from singing and dancing and every class painted their scene for the show. It was a hectic 3 days but it was also a rewarding 3 days. The scenes are 9' x 13' so they are quite big so they class has to work together to get the job done. It requires great patience from the children and also requires care and attention. It also can get messy as we sometimes create images on the screen by children dipping their hands or feet into paint and walking on the screens. The children were excellent as usual and they were all proud of their achievements. You will have to come to the shows to see the finished screens hung while the children perform. Next week we are starting to bring all the children together from all the classes for the 1st of our full rehearsal's.






We had a big week in the school this week as all the classes came together for the 1st time to perform their scenes in the show. On Tuesday we rehearsed the 1st half of the show which involved Junior, Senior, 1st and 2nd classes and then on Wednesday we rehearsed the 2nd half of the show which was 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes. The rehearsal's went well and it was exciting for the children as they finally got to see what the other classes were doing in the show. We also got to rehearse other aspects of the show that we could only do when ll the classes were together. We also took time out to do some mimes for the children which was good fun and Ms. Grant was elected to perform the mime with Denis in the show which will be great fun. On Thursday we set up all the equipment on stage in Abbey Collage for a full days rehearsal on Monday. The stage looks very well and it will look fantastic for the shows. On Friday we had a celebration where we got to present all the children with their FunkyKids Club Certificate of Excellence. We presented the certs to the children in the school yard and we also had some disco dancing as well. It was a great morning with a great buzz and we were proud to give all the children their certificates. The staff in the school are to be praised for being so supportive and willing to help and accommodate the FunkyKids Club in the school.





On Monday the entire school arrived in Abbey Collage for a full days rehearsal on stage with the full lighting and sound in place. It was a great but challenging day. It was also overwhelming for a lot of the children as they were now rehearsing their show in new surroundings with all the lights and sound. The rehearsal's went very well and it was a credit to everyone involved including the parent's in getting and keeping the children in Abbey Collage for the day. The children were also brilliant and very well behaved.

There is nothing more can be done now until the 1st show on Wednesday night. We hope the children and the parent's will have a brilliant time at all the shows next week and we are looking forward to it immensely. Well done to all.



On Wednesday we had the 1st of our 3 shows and it was magical. There was a great audience, nervous and excited children and it was all hands on deck. It was a monster job to get all 224 children face made up and prepared for the shows but it was done with great efficiency and organization. The 3 shows were a sell out and the children were just fantastic. The colour and enthusiasm from the children was a sight to behold and the audience loved them. It was a mamont production that could not have been staged without the help from the school staff, the parents association, the parents and children and the staff from Abbey Collage. We were very proud of everyone involved and it was a an emotional end when the 3rd show was over. As Michael Jackson passed away on the night of the 2nd show we dedicated "Thriller" that the children performed on stage to him on the 3rd night.




We want to thank the Principal, the staff and the children for a brilliant 10 weeks in Slieverue School. It was a roller-coaster adventure that was enjoyed by all. We are very proud of what The FunkyKids Club achieves when you see how it brings a whole school community together and when you see how a school benefit's from The FunkyKids Clubs workshops. We will miss you all and we will see you all again for the same journey in April 2011.


God Bless

Denis and Olivia